Ebay Store Review – Grand Eagle Retail

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Ebay Store Review - Grand Eagle Retail
Ebay Store Review – Grand Eagle Retail

Grand Eagle Retail on eBay (grandeagleretail) is a store which calls itself a bookstore, but in reality carries products from a wide range of categories. Categories you might see include books, music, movies, video games & consoles, sporting goods, tools, hardware, computers, software, electronics, toys, clothing, apparel, health & beauty, pet suppies, art, and collectibles. Click on the blue link above to check out the promotions and special offers they currently have. At the moment, they do have a FREE SHIPPING WHEN YOU BUY 2 OR MORE promotion on select items.

Feedback History

Grandeagleretail has been selling on eBay since 2010. They have earned over 400,000 positive total feedback with an overall score of 99.1%. You don’t just get lucky and accumulate 400,000 positives – you have to earn it. You have to offer good quality products, good prices, and excellent customer service. So Grand Eagle Retail is definitely doing the job right.

Grand Eagle Retail is actually a very large store. They have over 2 million listings currently. One thing you’ll notice is that they have a large selection of sporting good, specifically golf clubs and golfing equipment. They actually have a larger golfing selection than a lot of golf niche stores on eBay.

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What I like or don’t like

The one thing that you notice fairly quickly is that navigation is a bit difficult with this store. They have over 1 million products in various categories, but unless you click on “View items for sale” in their feedback section, you will have a hard time finding categories to choose from. With an inventory this large, you really do need some sort of functional navigation and organization.

Which isn’t to say that I wouldn’t shop in this store. Their feedback speaks for itself, and their prices are very competitive. But I probably wouldn’t go window shopping in this store as it’s fairly hard to find what you’re interested in unless you do a search for products one by one.

One thing that I really appreciate about this store is the quality of their listings. Each listing is described in detail, so you have all the necessary information. Each listing has measurements, part numbers, upc numbers, etc., so you’re not left playing a guessing game. It can get really annoying when you’re looking at a listing and wondering if it’s the right color, size, model, etc. So having all that information without having to ask for it is a good thing to have.

Their attention to detail in their listings, and their stellar feedback really makes you feel secure in shopping from this eBay store. 30 Day return policyAs does their 30-day hassle free returns policy. No need to email back for a return authorization, or deal with with annoying emails back and forth. You just click on return, and send it back. That’s it!

Have you shopped in this store before? If so, leave a comment below and share your experience.

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  1. I just received a book from you titled Starship Troopers that was not ordered by me. Do you want it back as I will not pay for it.

  2. i ordered 2 bibles from them the 12th of august as a gift. have called 2 times and have not received them. the tracking number does not work. will not order from them or ebay again.

  3. Bought a book, didn’t get it at all, contacted seller so many times, and tracking number didn’t exist. Ended up having to file a dispute with my credit card company. Not ordering from here again

  4. I have also ordered a very expensive book from Grand Eagle Retail and have not received it. When I asked for the tracking number they ignored my request too. I am negotiating a solution with them now. If I don’t get what I purchased from them in good faith I will post another comment on this forum just so people know they cannot be trusted as a clear pattern of non-delivery is emerging as can be seen from the previous comments..

    1. Follow up to my previous post: Grand Eagle Retail was unable to track the book I bought from them and have given me a full refund including postage so I was able to resolve things with them amicably in the end.

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