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  1. Hi Vic. I visited for a white SF Giants hat. I found one( so I thought according to the picture and discription) and I purchased it for $19 + $4.99 shipping from Sole Place. What I recieved was a white Florida Seminals hat(which also has an SF on it but different font and style). So I then returned it and I had to pay $7 to ship it back. Sole Place then refunded me $19 but not the $11.99 I spent for shipping. I was told they do not refund shipping. I argued it was not my fault they shipped me the wrong hat and that it was not fair for me to pay for a mistake by Sole Place. They then insisted they sent the correct hat just to keep from paying me shipping.

  2. I purchased a life proof case for my phone it’s not what I wanted how do I return it and get my money back thank you

  3. Hi Vic, While shopping for a Gucci bag on eBay, I came across this seller called hottercooler. I am interested in one of their many, many Gucci bags so I did a search using the production number of the bag. I traced this to a company called Global Rakuten . com – a company that is known as being the largest seller of African elephant ivory in the world. The same company that recently announced (after worldwide negative publicity) that they would no longer sell whale meat. Any thoughts on this? How can I know for sure that my purchase (if I do purchase the bag) will not help in supporting the poaching/slaughter of African elephants. I have not asked hottercooler if there is any connection. Thanks.

    1. Hi Lucy, Rakuten is actually just a commerce platform site in Japan. They don’t actually make or product anything. It’s basically just the Japanese version of eBay or Amazon. Sellers use Rakuten to sell their items on the site.

  4. Is there a way I can go to the store? I live in Carlsbad and I need shoes by Friday for my vacation

  5. I purchased Uggs on shopsmart 500.on November 12 the for a xmas present for my granddaughter but the size 7 is too small. I need to exchange them for a size 8.What is the exchange procedure.The item # is 171678935520.I paid thru pay pal

    1. Karen…If you go to the item page, you should see a link on the upper left side that says “View order details”. Click on that. In the order details page, you should see a link that says “show additional items”. When you click on that, you should see a link that says “Return item”. Clik on that. – Vic

  6. Hello,
    I purchased a purse Coach on line. It was marque as leather but when I got it the material was plastic inside stitches were loose. I called Ebay customer services that I need a return label so that I can returned it and get a refund but no answer was given to me .
    Please can you send me a return label? Thank you.

  7. Hellol Vic my name is Howie & so hope u can help me I trying soooooooooooooooo hard to find black lug nut covers for my 2015 jeep wrangler sport.PLEASE PLEASE tell me where I can get these covers if u have any ideas if u can respond to my question ASAP I would appreciate it.thank you.

  8. Been trying for 2 hours to buy item on Ebay you have listed because my husband wasbeen terminated from his job all the ebay contacts are going to his formal employer email..which I have no way of getting….it won’t let emails go to my home site so I can order the item that I want, please send a link so i can order item #152024884320 please contact, i need this item for vacation thanks linda

  9. Hello Vic

    I actually found you because I trying to do my due diligence on “Red Tag Camera”. But, as long as I have you online, I have some other things you might be able to help me with.

    But let’s get to the camera first. I’m NOT a techie or a professional photographer. But I have need of a good quality camera for several DIFFERENT uses. The trouble is, I don’t know anything about photography. My original question was going to be about a comparison between Canon EOS and Nikon D3300. But I really over my head, at that point. Both companies offer a multitude of models and variations. And I know nothing about any of them. So can you tell me where I can go to learn something about the options available in high megapixel digital cameras? If everything else were equal, I’d buy the Nikon. But I have no way to justify this bias.

    Next, I was looking at a tutorial on youtube yesterday, and several “open” and “Free” ware programs were mentioned. Some of which I’m interested in. The problem comes from the tutorial NOT SAYING where any of these programs could be downloaded. Can you give me any clues about that?

    Thirdly, since you claim to be a marketing researcher, I’m retired, and do a lot of swap meet selling to earn a few extra dollars. On of the items I sell are various grades of jewelry. By “various grades”, I mean that I sell everything from “Fashion Jewelry”, to silver and gold plated/filled synthetic and genuine stones items, to 14k/17k and ,925 silver diamond/ruby/emerald/etc. type of jewelry. I get some things off of ebay. But I also h ave connections in L.A.’s Jewelry district. But I’d be interested in any information you might be able to give me about any reputable jewelry wholesalers.

    Well, I don’t want to just take over your site, so that’s enough, for now. Thanks for whatever assistance you can offer! J

  10. Hey Vic,

    Would it be possible to review HotSauce4U on Amazon for me. I throw huge parties, and my catering business is taking off! However, I have very poor luck purchasing supplies and stock for gigs I do, or special request on sauces and such. So I am looking for a local outfit that is located close to me in Delaware where i can just call and fix any issues instead of doing it both online and email… They seem to be located in both Lewes, and Milford, DE. I would appreciate any help in this matter…

    Mike S. Draper

  11. I want to purchase a sharif 31/2 white flower leather. Embroidered key chain from Iva Boutique.I do not have an account with eBay.How can I make this purchase?I’m having trouble signing on.

  12. Hi, I purchased through Amazon a pair or RockfordFosgate speakers Item# R165X3. Purchase date was May,14 2016. I installed them approx. 2 days later. It is now just over two months later and one speaker is not working. The mid/treble speaker is working but the woofer is not. I am 50yrs old and listen to talk radio mostly and occasionally some country, but not real loud. This is not the quality I expected from Rockford. Is there anything that can be done? My Amazon order number is 110-3774370-0372207. Thanks, Keith Ott

  13. Hello Vic,

    I noticed on Amazon a company named Tempus & Co. listed a pair of Ener-Gel Walker/Comfort insoles for $36.96/pr. As the manufacturer of this product who also sells the same Ener-Gel Brand of Products on Amazon for the price of $9.99 +$3 shipping, this price gouging effort by Tempus & Co. is disturbing for potential customers. For the past 25 years, our family owned business had proven that a high quality product can be produced in the United States at a price our customers can appreciate.

  14. Hello, I have an order from you “Libros Judios” on
    amazon, I expect that package was shipped September 21, but it´s not here . . . I need to leave the country tomorrow 24.

    How you can help me?

  15. Hello. I just received a Sekonic 758DR light meter I ordered. It was advertised as “New” and arrived in the original box, though the box was not sealed. Missing from the box was the USB Cable, Battery, and User Manual. This makes me question if the unit is actually a “new” unit or if it was a returned item. I purchased a battery and the meter appears to work OK, though I can’t fully test the unit without the usb cable. Should I return this unit for a another one or will you ship out the missing items so I can test the unit?
    Thanks for your assistance.

  16. Today, I ordered The Huger Games (DVD) from Amazon-shipped by you, I believe.
    I don’t think that it will go out until Monday.
    I did not realize that I could have ordered the same in BlueRay for a slight increase.
    Is it too late to upgrade to the BlueRay?
    Sylvia Karcich

  17. Hi Vic trying to order the Coviden briefs in an adult meduim #6603 qty. 96. I ordered them on amazon but I cannot locate them. Please let me know a number as to reorder them every two months for my mom. Thank you. JoAnn

  18. Vic I am having ADT. install 4 cameras on May 1. I need a HD monitor. I saw The AVUE 19.5 CCTV Security camera .Can you deliver it by Monday May 1.Thanks Ted Caragol

  19. Hey Vic, ClassyU seems to be notorious for NO shipping info or communication of any sort for ebay orders!!

    Would you happen to know how to communicate w/them …thanks Wayne 🙁

  20. I ordered a Nextbook tablet on the 8th of July and it came in the mail today and it doesn’t seem to work at all and I don’t want my money back I just want to exchange it for a working one

  21. Hi there.
    Usually I buy 400 boxes a month of Digestive Advantege Lactose Defense.
    Can you do me a special price for these amount?
    Will it be a free shipping to Florida?



  22. Vic sir have a problem I have buy two head light for a Acura TSX 2013 but something was wrong with my address so I been charge but I didn’t receive my item/cutelittleparts

  23. I bought an hid headlight assembly for my buick enclave from you guys back in April and now it is not working correctly, what can you do for me??

  24. I am return a doll stroller I purchased because of a broken wheel and the front wheels won’t stay on with the clips are the all that bad. It’s a gift and I need it in good shape. What are my chances?

  25. Hi I ordered these products from ZYDISTRO. I ordered 4 of the Tempered Glass Film Screen Protectors for the HTC One M9. But I received the protectors for the regular HTC M9. They don’t fit. They are too long. Could you please send me the correct ones and a postage paid envelope so I can return the incorrect ones to you? Please call with any questions. They are not responding to my emails on their email or their Facebook message. Could you please get me a phone number or some better contact information for them? All I want is the correct screen protectors and to return to incorrect ones. Thank you!

  26. Purchased direct aftermarket universal cargo carrier. 500lbf max capacity. I loaded the carrier with 8-50lbf bags of cement (400lbs). After a 12 Mike trip. The hinge pin was bent. How can it be rated for 500lbf. I want to find the company so I can get a replacement pin. The carrier was used only once before this event.

  27. I am interested in the Black sonia kushuk twist up eye liner. How many do you have.? If I buy more can we make a better price. Thank you

  28. sorry I bought this screen you and I have not been able to communicate with you OK what happens that the screen they sent me can not regulate the volume all the time you hear loud and I tried many ways to regularize the volume and you can not please I need to change the screen send me another brand or the same brand but different because you can not regularize the volume

  29. I bought a cellphone by ebay an iphone 6s cost me 184 dollars, but the cell phone never arrived and you do not respond or send me a spare.

  30. Hi i ordered a play station 4 game from VP&B corp and recieved the case to the Horizon zero down game but no disk in side what are my options

  31. Hi Vic, this item in amazon will not ship to Canada. Tiger Auto TG-AM2T20048 2005-19 Tacoma double cab Nerf Bars textured black. Would you be able to ship this item to Toronto Canada or is there any dealer in of this product in cCanada? Thanks

  32. Would really like to buy the speed blades now!! I’ve bid $110.50 is there any chance to get them without bidding ?

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