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Hello, and thank you for checking out my page – Cheapest Online Shopping Sites.

Welcome to an ebay expert’s view on ebay stores. Well, at least I think so. I’ve spent over 16 years buying and selling in ebay stores. Over 100,000 items have been bought and sold though my ebay account. Thousands of passionate, discerning, curious, and very expensive hours have been spent in search of trailblazing ebay techniques, finding deals, learning the craft, and getting to know the individuality of different ebay stores, and the people operating them. With this “project”, I hope to deliver strong opinions and honest reviews of my favorite ebay stores – those that I would, and have bought from, and stores that I am impressed with.

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  1. Hi Vic:

    Congratulations on “cheapestonlineshoppingsites” very nice. We would like you to review our eBay store and/or eCommerce site- please advise


    shopitfashion 310-441-1799 ( ebay store) shopitfashion

  2. Hello Vic,
    I just purchased the same item from another vendor as I purchased from your store. I received this response from Kelly.. I would have the attached the invoice’s, but there is not an attachment link here. If the price was somewhat close I would have not bothered, but the difference is substantial. I asked for a price match and I was disappointed. The claim “Cheapest Online Shopping Sites” referring to International Coffee & Books – Amazon Marketplace is not accurate if there is not a price match. I will be glad to forward the invoice’s.


    Hello Rob,

    Unfortunately we are unable to price match.

    Thank you,


    Did this solve your problem?

    If yes, click here:

    If no, click here:

    (We will share this feedback with the seller to help them improve their service in the future.)

    — Original message —

    Hi, We all know Amazon has many vendors selling the same product, I recently found the product I purchased from your store for a lesser price and no sales tax. Will you be able to offer a price match? Have a good day!


    1. Regina – I appreciate ebay sellers, and what they do. Stores like your’s are what make ebay fun!

  3. i ordered a liner but it was too small i ordered another . i would like to return the first one . Can you send me a return label

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