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Where To Find Tiger Direct Overstock and Liquidation Pallets

Where To Find Tiger Direct Overstock and Liquidation Pallets

Where To Find Tiger Direct Overstock and Liquidation Pallets

Are you looking for Tiger Direct overstock pallets? Or even just general electronics liquidation lots? Finding retail liquidation and overstock pallets can be a headache. And finding them on a regular basis can be an ever bigger problem. One of the main issues in running an online business is sustainability. You need to constantly source inventory. It is literally the lifeblood of any online business. Five years ago, this was almost impossible. You needed to have a contact in the liquidation department of a retail chain in order to have access to their liquidation pallets. Today that is no longer such a big issue. BidonFusion has offered the solution to that problem.

BidonFusion.com is an auction platform liquidation website connecting liquidators with buyers looking to buy wholesale merchandise. So from one web page, you can source liquidation pallets from multiple retailers. You can read a full write-up on BidonFusion here.

Tiger Direct is one of the major national retailers that sell on BidonFusion. If you are looking for Tiger Direct pallets, or just consumer electronics merchandise, this is a good place to start. They have pallets for businesses of all sizes, and you can get your first pallet for just a few hundred dollars. You will also liquidation lots from other national retailers like The Home Depot, Walmart, Alibaba, Sam’s Club, and others.

Unlike membership clubs like DOBA or WorldWide Brands, there is no membership fee. Signing up is free, and quick. After you register, you can view all of the auctions they currently have, as well as upcoming live auction events. There are no purchase requirements, and there are no minimum requirements. So if you have the necessary information required to sign up (like Tax ID, sellers permit, etc.), you are able to view the current inventory, and bid if you so choose.

One of the benefits of Tiger Direct overstock pallets is that they offer general electronics merchandise – you aren’t committed to specific niche. So you can try out a wide variety of products, and find out what fits your specific business. What you see on the Tigerdirect.com site is what is offered in their auction lots. Some lots will be computer heavy, others will contain more accessories, etc. For the most part though, most lots with have an even mix of products. They do also have specific category lots, such as tablet lots, or video games lots, etc.

You can view a full manifest, along with pictures of what is being sold for each lot/auction, so there are no surprises. You can view the exact contents for each lot, as well as the wholesale value, retail value, etc. The pallets will vary in content and size from week to week, but for the most part, you can find what you are looking for on a constant basis.

As with all general liquidation lots, I would advise you stick to the 3 to 1 rule. With most overstock or liquidation lots, you will generally be able to sell it for about 1/3 of the original retail value. So if the retail value is $3000, you should be able to sell that lot (either whole or piece by piece) for about $1000 – so bid accordingly. Set a maximum value that you are comfortable with, and resist going higher. With merchandise like laptops, I would advise a 2 to 1 rule; meaning that you can generally sell the products for about 1/2 of the original retail value.

You don’t have to register to view the manifest and lot information. You can view all of that from the main home page. You will have to register in order to bid however.