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Cameta Camera Authorized Dealer List

Cameta Camera - Authorized dealer brandsCameta Camera is one of the largest camera stores online. In addition to a local physical presence, they are in fact one of the most popular names associated with the retail photography business. Besides their own website, they also sell on the largest of platforms – eBay & Amazon.

A lot of questions online center around if Cameta Camera is an authorized dealer for this brand, or that brand. It really is a hard question to answer unless you know where to look to verify with each individual manufacturer or distributor. And most national distributors don’t have this information available on their website.You have to contact them directly and hope for a response.

You might be wondering…”Do I really need to purchase from an authorized dealer?”…or “store X sells this camera or lens for 25 or 30% less than Camera Camera, why not buy from them?”.

The answer, while a bit more complicated than this, boils down to the warranty.

Products that are sold by sellers who are not authorized to sell those products are referred to as “grey market” goods. These products are usually the import or international version. For example, a Nikon camera that was meant to be sold in Japan, being sold in the United States.

For the vast majority of camera and photography brands, your warranty is only valid if your item was purchased from an authorized dealer. In other words, if your new camera breaks a few months from now, you will be stuck with no warranty, and no tech support.

Authorized Dealer

Purchasing from an authorized dealer guarantees that you not only receive the full warranty, but also that the product you are purchasing is authentic. The unfortunate truth of buying online is that a few bad apples taint the many good sellers out there. Shopping from an authorized re-seller is one way of protecting you from unscrupulous sellers.

With that said, here is a complete listing of all brands for which Cameta Camera is in fact an authorized dealer. All brands have been verified with the manufacturer, the parent company, or the main American distributor.

If you don’t see a particular brand listed here, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Cameta is not an authorized reseller for that brand of products. Some inexpensive brands have been omitted from this list due to time and space concerns. If you have questions about a specific brand, feel free to contact me and ask.

Brands are listed in order alphabetically, so scroll down to the brand you wish to verify, or choose from one of the jump links below:

3 Legged Thing Fujifilm Lowel PrimaPhoto Sirui Tovatec
Aerystar Hoya Lowepro Ricoh Slik Vanguard
Bower iLuv Manfrotto RoboShoot Smith-Victor Zhiyun-Tech
Canon Interfit Nikon Rode Snypex  
Case Logic Intova Nissin Rokinon Sony  
Davis & Sanford Jill-e Designs Olympus RPS Studio Steadicam  
DLC Joby Panasonic Samyang Sunpak  
DigitalMate JVC Pentax Savage Tamron  
Domke Kelly Moore Phottix Sealife Thule  
Drift Kodak Polaroid Sigma Tiffen  


3 Legged Thing

Cameta Camera is an authorized dealer for 3 Legged Thing

Categories Carried: Tripods, and tripod kits
Models Carried: Corey, Eclipse, Leo, Albert, Travis

3 Legged Thing is a British company, manufacturing modular, high-capability tripods and accessories, that are not only multi-functional and innovative, but quite beautiful as well.


Cameta Camera is an authorized dealer for Aerystar

Categories Carried: Camera straps, camera bags, messenger bags
Models Carried: Falcon, Halifax, Edna, Galena, La Grange, Kailua

Located in West Covina, Aerystar manufactures camera straps and camera bags. Their products combine form and function by offering interesting and original colors and fabrics – they not only look unique, but also offer solid strength and utility.


Cameta Camera is an authorized dealer of Bower

Categories Carried: adapters and rings, lens caps, flashes, camera cases, tripods, filter kits, lens hoods, video lights, drone accessories
Models Carried: All major models, such as SFD926O flashes, VTSL7200 video tripods, SCB1350 camera backpacks, etc.

Bower is a NY company, that has been around since 1949. They are an industry leader in innovation, and quality. They offer a full lineup of photography and video accessories for cameras, camcorders, and drones. Bower also offers a line of products for sporting and tactical use as well.


Cameta Camera is an authorized dealer for Canon products

Categories Carried: digital cameras, SLR cameras, camcorders, lenses, speedlite flashes, camera bags & cases, etc.
Models Carried: All models such as the Mark series of cameras, EOS digital and mirrorless cameras, powershot digital cameras, Vixia camcorders, EF camera lenses, etc.

No introduction needed. Even people who have never owned a camera are familiar with the Canon brand. One thing to consider here is that Cameta Camera carries new, used, and re-furbished Canon products. It is one aspect to pay attention to as the warranty for each will be different.

Case Logic

Cameta Camera is an authorized dealer for Case Logic

Categories Carried: camera (point and shoot, and DSLR) and camcorder bags and cases
Models Carried: Full line of photography carrying products such as DSB-102 Digital SLR backpacks, CPL-101 digital camera cases, MPC-101 memento camera cases

Case Logic started out making cases for CD’s & DVD’s, but have evolved over the years to offer carrying options for all sorts of electronics and accessories. Their camera bags are stylish, yet sturdy enough for daily use.

Davis & Sanford

Cameta Camera is an authorized dealer for Davis & Sanford

Categories Carried: tripods and monopods
Models Carried: Traverse, Monoped64, Vista, All Terrain, ProVista, Magnum, and W3

Davis & Sanford was actually founded in 1892, and evolved over time into a tripod manufacturer around 1930. Today they are a favorite brand of photo and video professionals. Their products are innovative, and offer real world versatility. The Traverse line for example, is made of carbon fiber, to provide a tripod that is lightweight and compact, yet strong enough to handle the abuse of constant travel.

Dot Line Corp

Cameta Camera is an authorized dealer for DLC products

Categories Carried: variety of products, such as video supports and stabilizers, lens adapters and rings, camera body accessories, slide viewers, and strobe lighting
Models Carried: They carry a small portion of the DLC product lineup. Models like Fujifilm XF Digital Camera to Nikon Lens Mount Adapter, V2 HD-DSLR Camera Video Rig Shoulder Brace Stabilizer, Medalight 35mm Film Slide and Negative Viewer

Cameta carries a very small portion of DLC products. DLC is a photography accessory superstore. They actually sell a very large variety of affordably priced photography, video, and photo developing products.


Cameta Camera is an authorized dealer of digitalmate products

Categories Carried: dedicated flashes, SLR Lenses, non-dedicated flashes, teleconverters
Models Carried: Popular models like DM125 Universal Automatic Slave Bounce Flashes, 680 Power Zoom AF Flashes, 85mm f/1.8 Telephoto lenses, etc.

Digitalmate offers a line of well-built, but affordable camera lenses, flashes, and other accessories. They are a favorite of beginners, bloggers, etc. – the type of user that wants something that is of quality, and reliable, but won’t break the bank.


Cameta Camera is an authorized dealer of Domke products

Categories Carried: photography bags and cases
Models Carried: Pocketflex, GearProtex D1 & D2

Domke makes rugged, classically simple camera bags and cases for the adventure minded photographer. Domke is a favorite of photo journalists, who favor simple and clean designs that offer rugged durability for day to day heavy use.


Cameta Camera is an authorized dealer for Drift Innovation

Categories Carried: Batteries, camera supports, video accessories
Models Carried: They mainly carry accessory bundle kits for the Drift Ghost and Ghost-S action camcorders.

Drift manufactures action cameras and camcorders that capture an active lifestyle, as well as a host of accessories to compliment them.


Cameta Camera is an authorized dealer for Fujifilm

Categories Carried: Mirrorless cameras, point and shoot digital cameras, instant cameras, medium format cameras, camera lenses, binoculars, film, lens parts and accessories
Models Carried: X series mirrorless cameras, Finepix digital cameras, Instax instant cameras, GFX medium format cameras, XF & GF camera lenses, Fujinon sporting optics.

Like with Canon, everyone is familiar with Fuji or Fujifilm. Cameta pretty much carries the entire Fujifilm line in stock. Currently they have over 700 individual Fujifilm products or bundles for sale. Most cameras or lenses are available both alone, or in accessory bundles.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Hoya dealer

Categories Carried: filter kits, polarizing filters, UV/Haze filters, neutral density filters
Models Carried: NXT & HMC filters and bundle kits

Hoya is a Japanese brand that has been around since 1941. Today they are recognized as one of the major filter manufacturers. Their primary photography audience is the non-professional or weekend photographer, and they serve them by providing a good filter, at an affordable price. They aren’t quite on the level of B+W filters, in terms of professional performance – but for blogging, or hobby purposes, Hoya is a good place to start.


Cameta Camere is an Authorized iLuv Dealer

Categories Carried: headphones, webcams, mobile accessories, mobile speakers
Models Carried: mySight home video cameras, Metal Forge earbuds, FitActive Jet 2 earphones, myPower portable battery packs, Aud & Impact level bluetooth speakers, etc.

iLuv sells a variety of electronics for the home and an active lifestyle. While they do sell other products, Cameta mainly carries their line of earphones/earbuds, bluetooth speakers, and mobile accessories.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Interfit Dealer

Categories Carried: strobe lighting, continuous lighting, flash cords, lighting bundle kits
Models Carried: S1 & S1a monolights, INT812 ring lights, INTR1C TTL studio flash remotes, etc.

Interfit has been around since 2001. In that short time, they have established themselves as a company that sells lighting and studio accessories for all skill levels – from beginner to a professional studio photographer. Their S1 AC & Battery-Powered HSS TTL Flash has won numerous awards, including being a featured product in Professional Photographer magazine’s 2016 Hot Ones.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Intova Dealer

Categories Carried: point & shoot cameras, camcorders, underwater flashes, continuous lighting, brackets and supports
Models Carried: Connex and X2 camcorders, I-AVL underwater video lights, various action/lifestyle accessories

Intova manufactures cameras and camcorders specifically for underwater use. They are mainly used for scuba diving, surfing, and other marine lifestyle activities.

Jill-e Designs

Cameta Camera is a Jill-e Designs Authorized Dealer

Categories Carried: camera bags and cases
Models Carried: Just Dupont, Jack Lenox, Jack Savory, Juliette, Metro, and others.

Jill-e Designs originally started out as a manufacturer of professional camera bags. They have since evolved into a more fashion oriented bag maker. Their current product lineup caters to digital devices, as well as cameras.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Joby dealer

Categories Carried: camera straps, action mounts, accessory bundles
Models Carried: Action camera clamps with gorilla arms, UltraFit slings, accessory bundles for each, etc

Joby is the “sister brand” of Lowepro. Joby is a leading manufacturer on the consumer end of photography. They have innovate offerings that include tripods, mounts, and other accessories for photographers. They are best known for their GorillaPod line of flexible tripods.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized JVC dealer

Categories Carried: camcorders, headphones
Models Carried: Everio camcorders, GY Series of professional camcorders, HA Series of headphones and earphones

JVC is another of the brands on this list that are household names. While Cameta Camera only carries JVC camcorders and heaphones, all products are available individually, or as a part of accessory bundles.

JVC’s market penetration isn’t as widespread as it was 30 years ago, but their professional series of camcorders are still a favorite among professional videographers.

Kelly Moore

Cameta Camera is a Kelly Moore Authorized Dealer

Categories Carried: shoulder bags for cameras and tablets
Models Carried: Ruston, 2 Sues, Songbird, Augusta, Kate, Collins

Kelly Moore sells fashion oriented bags for cameras and tablets. Kelly Moore is the solution for those that want a fashion friendly handbag, but one that also fully functions as a camera bag. For most women, a handbag doesn’t truly offer an expensive camera the protection or support that it deserves, but a traditional camera bag might not be as stylish, or as fashion friendly as they would prefer. Kelly Moore bags solve that problem.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Kodak dealer

Categories Carried: Action cameras/camcorders, point and shoot digital cameras
Models Carried: PixPro models in both action, and point & shoot camera categories; as well as bundle kits

Kodak isn’t the prominent name as it once was during the film camera era, but they still continue to maintain a presence in the consumer market. They are a good option for those with limited photography needs looking for an affordable digital camera.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Lowel dealer

Categories Carried: Continuous lighting, lens hoods and shades, bundle kits
Models Carried: GL-1 Power LED focusing light, G1-20 lens shade

Lowel is an industry leading provider of location lighting, as well as photography studio equipment. They mainly cater to the professional photography market.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Lowepro dealer

Categories Carried: Camera bags and cases
Models Carried: Streetline, Dashpoint, Courier, Passport, Streamline, Hatchback, Newport

Lowepro, the “sister brand” of Joby, makes a wide variety of consumer end camera bags, cases, and backpacks. They offer an option for pretty much all styles and needs. Lowepro also offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products. The quality of their carrying bags/cases, as well as their warranty has made them into a very popular option among consumers.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Manfrotto Dealer

Categories Carried: tripods, camera bags and cases, tripod heads, lighting and studio accessories, other camera supports, flash diffusers, etc.
Models Carried: Lumimuse8 video lights, Pro series camera bags, Lifestyle Manhattan bags, RedBee & BumbleBee backpacks, Windsor Backpacks, Pixi tripods, BeFree tripods, MVH502H heads, and many others (including bundle kits).

Manfrotto, an Italian company, has been around since 1976. They product all sorts of photography and video accessories, like tripods, monopods, tripod heads, bags and cases, lighting, filters, and more. Their innovative and quality designs have led them to become one of the industry leaders in tripods. They are a favorite of both amateur and professional photographers.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Nikon Dealer

Categories Carried: Digital SLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, point and shoot cameras, action cameras, camera lenses, speedlight flashes, sporting optics
Models Carried: Pretty much all models, including the D series of DSLR cameras, the 1 series of mirrorless cameras, the Coolpix line of point and shoot cameras, Nikkor lenses, KeyMission action cameras, Prostaff and Monarch optics, SB series of speedlite flashes, and many more

Alongside Canon, Nikon is the other titan of the photography industry. As with Canon, Cameta Camera carries new, used, and re-furbished Nikon products. Make sure to pay attention as the warranty for each will be different.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Nissin dealer

Categories Carried: Dedicated flashes, wireless flash remotes
Models Carried: i60A & Di700A zoom flashes, i40 speedlite flashes, Di600 bounce/swivel flashes, Digital Air radio receivers, and others

Nissin is a Japanese company founded in 1959. They have been manufacturing flashes since 1967, and are today recognized as an industry leader in electronic flash units.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Olympus Dealer

Categories Carried: Micro 4/3 digital cameras, point and shoot cameras, camera lenses, flashes, bags and cases, etc.
Models Carried: PEN and OM-D 4/3 cameras, Tough TG-5 point and shoot digital cameras, M.Zuiko camera lenses, TCON & FCON converte lenses, FL-900R electronic flashes, and more.

Another photography industry titan. Not as big as Nikon or Canon for example, but still with a wide share of the market. As with Canon and Nikon, Cameta Camera sells new, used, and re-furbished Olympus products. Pay attention as the warranty for each will be different.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Panasonic Dealers

Categories Carried: Compact ILC digital cameras, point and shoot cameras, camcorders, camera lenses, bundle kits, etc.
Models Carried: Lumix G ILC digital cameras, Lumix point and shoot cameras and lenses, HC series camcorders.

Panasonic is not just a titan of the camera industry, but also in the electronics industry as a whole. Their Lumix point and shoot digital cameras are actually something of a well-kept secret among amateur photographers, as their Leica lenses make them an exceptional value for the price.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Pentax Dealer

Categories Carried: Digital SLR cameras, camera lenses
Models Carried: Pentax K Series cameras and bundle kits, Pentax DA camera lenses

Pentax is a Japanese camera brand, which is now part of the Ricoh brand family. Pentax is a widely respected and utilized camera brand among hobby photographers and professionals.

Cameta Camera does also sell used Pentax cameras and lenses.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Phottix Dealer

Categories Carried: Adapter rings
Models Carried: Nikon lens to Olympus & Panasonic camera adapters, Pentax lens to Sony Alpha camera adapters

Phottix is a Hong Kong manufacturer, offering a full lineup of camera and photography accessories, including flash triggers, studio lighting, remotes, filters, tripods, and much more.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Polaroid Dealer

Categories Carried: Instant cameras, film, camcorders, SLR lenses, flashes, and more.
Models Carried: Polaroid 600 Instant cameras, Polaroid i series of digital cameras, and others.

When you say Polaroid, most people just think of the iconic Polaroid instant cameras that spit out a photo. Today, Polaroid actually offers up may other products. They are mostly in the budget range, aimed at casual photographers with limited needs.

PrimaPhoto Gear

Cameta Camera is an Authorized PrimaPhoto Gear Dealer

Categories Carried: Tripods
Models Carried: PHTRBBK, PHTRSBK, PHTRBRD, and PHTRSRD tripods

PrimaPhoto Gear is a company manufacturing highly customizable tripods that are great for professional use, as well as hobby, adventure, and travel photographers.


Cameta Camera is a Ricoh Authorized Dealer

Categories Carried: Action cameras, point and shoot digital cameras
Models Carried: Theta cameras, WG-50 waterproof cameras, bundle kits, etc.

Ricoh manufactures a wide variety of consumer and commercial electronics. If you have worked in an office building, you are probably familiar with their office electronics, like copiers, scanners etc.

In the field of photography, their WG line of waterproof cameras are a favorite among marine enthusiasts, and those with an active lifestyle.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Roboshoot dealer

Categories Carried: Flash triggers & sets
Models Carried: MX-20 and RX-20 flash triggers

Roboshoot TTL flash triggers, are produced by a company called Serene Automation. These are exclusively made for Fujifilm X-Series cameras.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Rode Dealer

Categories Carried: Microphones
Models Carried: Pro-R condenser microphones, Go Lightweight microphones, Me Directional smartphone microphones.

Rode is a very big brand in the audio/video industry. Cameta Camera only carries a few of their products at this time.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Rokinon Dealer

Categories Carried: Dedicated camera lenses, cine lenses, T-Mount lenses, camera cases, monopods
Models Carried: All Rokinon available lenses – including the XEEN line, M67 monopods, bundle kits, etc.

Rokinon has been a major camera lens manufacturer since 1979. They offer highly innovative and well-engineered products, at an affordable price. While they do use cheaper components, like plastic, for a non-professional however, they will work just fine.

Rokinon lenses are very popular among hobby and amateur photographers, as they offer a high price to performance ratio. 

RPS Studio

Cameta Camera is an Authorized RPS Studio dealer

Categories Carried: Continuous lighting, studio accessories, video supports and stabilizers, flash diffusers, wireless flash remotes, other accessories
Models Carried: RS-4085 Studio kits, RS-5710 color correct lights, RS-5610 studio lights, RS-1078 light stands, and many others.

RPS Studio manufactures a full line of studio and lighting equipment. Their products are mainly for professional studio use.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Samyang Dealer

Categories Carried: SLR Lenses & T-Mount Lenses, Dedicated ILC Lenses
Models Carried: Samyang AF, Manual, XP, Cine, and XEEN Professional camera lenses

Samyang is a South Korean camera lens manufacturer that has been around since 1972. They offer a wide range of lenses to fit the needs of every skill level, from beginner to professional. They also offer a high price to performance ratio.

Samyang lenses offer up amazing photo quality, at the expense of build quality – but at 25% of the price of the major lens manufacturers like Canon or Nikon. For a weekend photographer, they are a great option.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Savage Dealer

Categories Carried: Continuous lighting, lens adapters and rings, lighting and studio accessories, backgrounds, video lights, etc.
Models Carried: LED2000k light kits, LED60K studio light kits, 12×12 background stands, LED-PT22 light tables, Macro Art Auto-Extension tubes, LGHTF adjustable arm lights, and others.

Savage started out in 1937 manufacturing board and paper products. Since then, they have transitioned into the photography industry, producing high quality studio lighting and equipment.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized SeaLife Dealer

Categories Carried: Point and shoot digital cameras, continuous lighting, flashes, bags and cases, etc.
Models Carried: SL1961 & SL963 flashes, SL989 light sets, bundle kits, etc.

Sealife has been manufacturing underwater cameras and photography gear since 1993. They are a favorite of snorkelers and divers. They offer an expandable camera system – a waterproof system – which allows tor the addition of accessories while underwater.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Sigma Dealer

Categories Carried: DSLR & mirrorless cameras, camera lenses
Models Carried: Quattro cameras and bundle kits….and most Sigma camera lenses

Sigma manufactures the highest number of camera lens models in the industry. While their lenses are relatively value priced, they range from budget models, to expensive professional models. Sigma lenses are known for their high quality, innovation, and selection.

Sigma lenses offer both excellent image quality, and sound engineering and material quality.

Cameta Camera does sell used Sigma lenses as well.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Sirui Dealer

Categories Carried: SLR camera bags and cases, tripods
Models Carried: Weekender DSLR backpack, T-2005P Tripods, E-20 Ball Heads

Sirui is a fairly new company in the professional photography world, having been around since 2001. They have since developed a cult following, as a result of offering a quality product, and a 6-year warranty.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Slik Dealer

Categories Carried: Tripods, tripod heads, tripod accessories
Models Carried: 6123E Quick release plates, 330 DX, 340BHX, 400 DX, & 500 BHX tripods, SBH-120 ball heads, bundle kits

Slik is a Japanese company that has been around since 1948. They started out as Alps, and were later re-named as Slick do the shiny appearance of their tripods. Eventually, Slick turned into Slik.

Today, they have a full lineup of quality made tripods, monopods, and camera support accessories.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Smith-Victor Dealer

Categories Carried: Lighting, studio accessories, tripod and support accessories, video lights
Models Carried: SV-RLED55 LED Ring lights, CooLED 20 studio lights, KT750LED video lights, CS 36K & CS42 copy stands, BH88 ball heads, and bundle kits

Smith-Victor is one of the oldest companies on this list. They have actually been around since the late 1870’s. Throughout the years, they changed from “James H. Smith & Sons Corp.” to Smith-Victor, and evolved from a company making bulbs, flash powder, and darkroom equipment, to a full lineup of professional and studio photography products. The Victor portion of their name comes from the “Victor” flash powder that they successfully marketed and sold for a number of years in the early 1900’s.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Snypex Dealer

Categories Carried: Binoculars, digiscopes, spotting scopes, accessories
Models Carried: LRF-1800 rangefinder binoculars, Profinder binoculars, Knight PT digi-scopes, Knight T80 spotting scopes, SNY BTA Binocular Tripod Adapters

Snypex – an American company based in New York – is a very highly regarded manufacturer of quality sporting optics. Their many award-winning products are used by hunters, law enforcement agencies, military organizations, hobbyists, and more.

You will pay more for a Snypex optic – but your money will be well spent.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Sony Dealer

Categories Carried: Digital SLR cameras, mirrorless ILC cameras, point and shoot cameras, camcorders, action cams, lenses, flashes, other accessories
Models Carried: Full Alpha line of cameras, lenses, and flashes.

Sony is the last of the titans on this list. The quality of Sony optics are second to none. There is a reason why Samsung phones have Sony lenses – they work…extremely well! Sony cameras get a bit lost in the Canon vs Nikon debate, but the truth is, you can’t go wrong with a Sony camera. The overall system is a bit different than why you might be used to with Canon or Nikon, but the end result will be just as spectacular.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Steadicam Dealer

Categories Carried: Video stabilizers
Models Carried: Smoothee video stabilizers, Curve compact video camera stabilizers

Steadicam has been around since the 1970’s, and got its start in Hollywood. They rose to prominence during the shooting of movies like Rocky, where there was a need for something that would offer stability and smooth out the handheld action shots.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Sunpak Dealer

Categories Carried: Flashes, tripods, video lights, camera bags, straps, supports and stabilizers
Models Carried: Digiflash 3000, Digiflash 2800, M4 and Maxi Tripods, 2000AVG video stabilizers, 6630LX & 605RF tripods, bundle kits, and others.

Sunpak is a Japanese company that has been around since 1963. They offer a well engineered line of products that are great for a starter – someone who is looking for a flash that will work, but won’t cost an arm or a leg. They are a great choice for bloggers, Instagram stars, etc.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Tamron Dealers

Categories Carried: SLR lenses, compact ILC lenses
Models Carried: All Tamron lenses, and bundle kits

Tamron is a Japanese company that has been around since 1951. Tamron lenses are a step up from brands like Rokinon, Tokina, Samyang, etc. They are better built, with sharper imaging capabilities. They aren’t quite on the level of something like Nikon or Canon, but they are definitely solid, both in workmanship, and optical quality.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Thule Dealer

Categories Carried: Camera bags and cases
Models Carried: TPGP-101 & TPDP-101 Perspektiv cases, TCDM-1000 Covert messenger bags, TCCS-101 Covert satchel bags, TAC-106 Aspect backpacks, bundle kits, and others.

Thule is a quality Swedish manufacturer of cases and bags for cameras and other digital electronics. They offer a clean and simple design, with high level of functionality and durability.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Tiffen Dealer

Categories Carried: Exposure filters
Models Carried: advantiX, apeX, and aXent models of filters.

Like with Hoya filters, Tiffen is largely aimed at the consumer market. They make affordable filters with performance that is hard to argue with. They aren’t quite on the level of B+W, but for a non-professional, they will usually get the job done with amazing results.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Tovatec Dealer

Categories Carried: Flashlights, video lights, lighting and studio accessories
Models Carried: Powerbeam Flashlight, Fusion 260 Lumens Dive Light, Fusion 530 Lumens Video LED Dive Light, IFL 660-R CREE LED Aluminum Torch, Teranova 10,000 Lumens LED 400′ Waterproof Torch Flashlight / Video Light, Fusion 1000 Lumens 100m Video LED Dive Light

Tovatec is a Colorado based company that manufactures exceptional multi-function lights for divers and under-water activity.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Vanguard Dealer

Categories Carried: Camera bags and cases, tripods, support accessories
Models Carried: Full lineup of Vanguard photography and optical accessories, including the VEO and Alta lines of tripods.

Vanguard is a Chinese woman-owned and operated company that was founded in 1986. They produce well built tripods, and carrying solutions for all skill levels.


Cameta Camera is an Authorized Zhiyun-Tech Dealer

Brand: Zhiyun-Tech
Categories Carried: video supports and stabilizers, wireless remote controls
Models Carried: ZW-B01 Bluetooth Wireless Remote Controls, Zhiyun Crane V2 3-Axis Bluetooth Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for ILC / DSLR Cameras,  and bundle kits

Zhiyun-Tech is a gimball manufacturer, making supports and stabilizers for professional cameras, action cameras, and smartphones. They are a fairly new company, having been around since 2015.

This list is current as of 9/17/2017