Shopping Online – A unique history behind it

Reviews for those shopping online!

After buying and selling on ebay for over 16 years, I thought it’s time to share some of my acquired knowledge. I love to buy online, search for the best deals, and scour shopping sites.

Time and time again, I have found that eBay stores offer the best deals, at reasonable prices, with exceptional customer service. So here, I have decided to offer store reviews, advise general ebay tips, and share some daily deals that I find on my own.

What kind of stores?

My reviews will span all sorts of stores, from health and beauty, to home and garden to electronics. From luxury item sellers, to thrift-stores, no store is too big or too small for an honest review!

What will you review?

With over 16 years of dedication to ebay and its many individual stores, I have come to learn what it takes to be successful as an ebay store.  I can tell when a store is being operated honestly, and when a store is more about making a fast dollar.

These reviews aren’t meant to provide positive or negative feedback. Ebay users already take care of that for us. This project is aimed to appreciate and highlight the stores that are more about making money. This project was created to find and share the stores that, are run honestly, have products that are interesting, and to bring light to the unique personality of each store.

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