Store or website Promotion

If you need promotion for your online store, I can help! Let me advertise and promote for you.

I currently charge $100 for a 30-day promotion period. The promotion will include:

  • A permanent post about your store on my website
  • Promotion of the post through various blog sharing sites
  • Promoting your store/site on twitter through my network. I have an engaged
    network of ebay/amazon/etsy sellers and buyers
  • Promotion through Facebook Marketing groups. (Over 1 million members
  • Pinterest promotion for websites

I will generate all of the content myself. I don’t need anything from you besides your store name (if Ebay or Amazon), URL, and any relevant information (if any) that you would like to have mentioned. My audience love promo codes – so if you have one, please share.

tweetAlso, I will be tweeting your items daily. You are more than welcome to pick the listings/items you wish to have featured. If not, I will pick the items that I feel will perform most effectively.

My promotion is more expensive that others offered online; however, it is also more extensive and valuable. A lot of time and experience has gone into developing my unique marketing strategy – and I will put the time and effort into promoting your store, no matter how large or small. I have been selling online since 2005. This has included eBay, Amazon, and my own e-commerce websites. I know what it takes to attract traffic to a webstore.

Most promoters will just tweet out your listings on twitter – which is great; I do that as well – but the lifespan of a tweet is about 15 minutes. If the correct audience does not see the tweet during those 15 minutes, it is wasted money.

That is why my promotional strategy has been so effective. I don’t just send out tweets. A post about your store on my website is permanent. Anytime a buyer Google’s your store, the post on my site (which ranks highly) will come up on the first page of the results. This post will include links back to your store, whether that is eBay, Amazon, or a stand-alone website.

After publishing the post on my site, I then share this post with other blog-sharing sites to extend the exposure. I do everything I can to ensure the success of my blog posts, which directly impacts your traffic.

I don’t just stop there. The post is then shared through multiple Facebook marketing groups (which includes over a million active members), who then share my posts and tweets with their audience. On the right is an example of a tweet Involving one of my clients. The re-tweet numbers are after a day or so of the tweet being sent out. (The identity of the eBay store has been blurred for their privacy).

Every step is taken to make the promotion as effective as possible.

As you can see, I am not offering a handful of tweets. I am offering a full-scale promotion that lasts much longer than a month of twitter promos. Long after the tweets have disappeared, and your current listings have sold, your page on my site will still be there. I don’t just promote your items, I promote your store and your brand – which I believe is much more valuable in the long run.

online communityI can’t guarantee that you will increase your sales, because no one can. I can’t force anyone to make a purchase. I will however do everything in my power to increase the traffic to your store, and greatly extend your exposure to the online community. Many of my eBay clients have seen an increase in not only their watched items, but also in the number of the followers for their store.

If you are a website owner, you should also see an increase in your page authority and domain authority score. I do not spam your site, and I don’t engage in black hat activity. All of my promotion will be done in an organic way, as safe as possible – to ensure not only my future success, but your’s as well.

You can contact me about any questions you may have, or purchase below. You can also purchase this promotion package on eBay here.