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MonoRover scooter - Authorized eBay seller
MonoRover scooter – Authorized eBay seller

The MonoRover scooter has become quite a “fashion statement” lately. You see more and more people on the street riding these motorized scooters. Unfortunately, if you buy it on eBay, you may be purchasing either a knock-off, a scooter with no warranty, or both.

At the moment, there is only eBay authorized seller for the MonoRover scooter. They are the only US authorized retailer on eBay, so you know you’ll be getting an authentic scooter, with full warranty and support.

Firturbo on eBay also sells other active lifestyle products like other scooters, protein shakers, activity trackers, health & beauty, and more.

Here is a list of unauthorized sellers on eBay.

  • swishamart21
  • jack_dagm
  • daus923
  • bribeiro05
  • badoron1
  • chriscritter730
  • cokp5889
  • muo.ramo
  • maniti2005
  • supmeechai22
  • charm198
  • jonjun4790
  • red-alex
  • bribeiro05
  • theonelifestore
  • weisyface999
  • bookdealsuk
  • hm168_uk
  • weirdwonderfuluseful
  • yanni6
  • jjsaund1
  • bruttix
  • vendeuroliver
  • trenderstore
  • delvsimm_ht68ja
  • mrsuktem22
  • mrsuktem22
  • iptvdirect


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