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Glidecam - Authorized Dealers


Glidecam camera stabilizers, cranes, other accessories are sold in the United States through authorized dealers selected by Glidecam Industries, Inc. Authorized Glidecam Retailers receive training and product knowledge, and are chosen for their ability to represent the brand. Glidecam provides a warranty on products sold only by authorized dealers on ebay.

Not authorized to sellIf you purchase an Glidecam product from an unauthorized dealer, you are not entitled to the Glidecam warranty coverage, or tech support, even if the seller claims that you are. The Glidecam products sold by unauthorized dealers are purchased by the seller on the “grey” market, and are usually the import version of the product. 

An import version basically means that the product was meant for sale in a different country. For example, a Glidecam camera stabilizer that was meant for the Asian market, being sold in the US. The import version is usually the same exact product, just without the warranty. As described in the Glidecam warranty page, their warranties are region specific. In other words….that camera stabilizer that was meant to be sold in Asia, will only be warrantied in Asia. Usually, these products will be labeled as either “import version” or “international version”. 

Purchasing from an authorized dealer guarantees that you not only receive the full Glidecam warranty, but also that the product you are purchasing is authentic. The unfortunate truth of buying online is that a few bad apples taint the many good sellers out there. Shopping from an authorized reseller is one way of protecting you from unscrupulous sellers.

With that said, the following is a list of Glidecam authorized dealers who sell on eBay. Click on the logo to see more details about the store/seller. (Listed in alphabetical order)

Just keep in mind – If you don’t see a seller listed here, it doesn’t mean that they are selling fake, or non-authentic products. It just means that they are not authorized by Glidecam to sell their products, and are not buying the merchandise from Glidecam. In the majority of cases, the warranty will not be honored by Glidecam. Look out for phrases like “Seller provided warranty”, or “Limited Warranty”, etc. These types of warranties will almost always be for less than 1 year. Often times, they are for just 30 or 90 days, and just protect you from DOA products. (Original Glidecam warranties are provided below).

On the other hand, if you are looking at a Glidecam photography accessory in one of the stores above, and wondering if the item is fake – purchase with confidence! These stores have been verified with Glidecam USA to be authorized dealers. You are receiving an authentic product, and are entitled to the full original manufacturer’s warranty.

Authorized Dealer

For reference, these are the manufacturer warranty periods for Glidecam products:

  • Body-Mounted Stabilizers – 1 year
  • Brackets – 1 year
  • Camera Cranes  – 1 year
  • Camera Sliders – 1 year
  • Hand-Held Stabilizers – 1 year
  • Moniter Accessories – 1 year
  • Remote Heads – 1 year
  • Various Other Accessories – 1 year

*Refurbished products by Glidecam also carry a 1 year warranty.

This list updated as of 8/30/2017

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