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Yallstore - eBay store review
Yallstore – eBay store review

Yallstore on eBay is an electronics store that has been selling on eBay since 2006. They sell all sorts of electronics, home & garden, toys, tools, and lifestyle products. With great deals on about 15,000 items in stock, they have a wide variety of merchandise, which basically makes them a department store type of eBay store. Click on the blue link above to check out their store page, and to see what specials and promotions that they are currently offering.

Feedback History

With over over 1.4 million positive feedback ratings, and a 98.5% overall score, they are definitely operating a successful store. They boast about offering 24 hour free shipping, and their feedback definitely backs that up. You definitely can’t accumulate over a million positive ratings unless you are offering great products, at a great price, all while delivering great customer service.

On first glance, this does appear as an electronics online store, but they offer much more than just that. They also sell a wide variety of discount products like toys, home & garden, lifestyle products, baby items, clothing, outdoor, etc. So it’s definitely a fun store for window shopping. They also have a lot of bright colors that give your eyes a lot to look at.

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What I like or don’t like

One thing that I really like about this store is that when you click on a product category, they show you all the hot deals they are currently offering on top of the product list. A lot of times you’ll go in to buy one item, and you’ll pick up a few of their hot deals along the way. It’s kind of like the candy bar section along the cashier isle. You can’t help but pick up one or two.

If you hover to their main navigation bar, you’ll also see categories for “$5 gadgets”, “clearance”, and “sale items”. Clicking on these categories will take you to thousands of bargain and heavily discounted items.

The main drawback on discount department type stores like this is that they only offer generic non-branded items. So you basically have a lot of cheap Chinese products, and not much else of substance. But you can use this to your advantage. For example, if you are looking for a tablet for a child. Why pay hundreds for a name brand tablet, when you can buy a generic one for $50? Chances are, a child’s games won’t need too much processing power, and they’ll end up breaking it anyways within six months.

One thing that I really appreciate about this store is the quality of their listings. Each listing has a large picture, so you’re not left playing a guessing game. It can get really annoying when you’re looking at a listing and wondering if it’s the right color, size, model, etc. With a lot of sellers, you just get that one small stock photo, so detailed listings like these are good to have.

Their attention to detail in their listings, and their stellar feedback really makes you feel secure in shopping from this eBay store. 30 Day return policyAs does their 30-day hassle free returns policy. No need to email back for a return authorization, or deal with with annoying emails back and forth. You just click on return, and send it back.

Have you shopped in this store before? If so, leave a comment below and share your experience.

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