Ebay Store Review – Midwest Service Closeouts

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Midwest Service Closeouts - Ebay store review
Midwest Service Closeouts – Ebay store review

Midwest Service Closeouts is one of my usual window shopping stores on eBay. They are merchandise liquidators featuring regular everyday items that you probably buy at the supermarket, or department store. Click the link above to check out their closeout deals and markdown offers, and you’ll see what I mean. They usually have liquidation sales ranging from 29% to 56% off.

Feedback History

Midwest Service Closeouts has been selling on eBay since 2005, and currently has accumulated over 60,000 positive total feedback ratings, with an overall score of 99.5%. So you can definitely feel secure about your purchase knowing that you are getting both quality and authentic merchandise, as well as great customer service.

Top-Rated store on eBayIt’s not easy to become a Top-Rated store on eBay. You have to provide good quality items, accurate descriptions, excellent customer service, and fast shipping. And you have to do this day after day, month after month. So Midwest Service Closeouts has had a very successful and positive selling history on eBay.

With this closeout store, it’s kind of like when you walk by the section at the supermarket with the closeout sales, and damaged items. You know you don’t REALLY need the stuff sitting there, but it’s so hard to pass up. How many times have you seen an item on that shelf and thought…”I don’t use this stuff; but it’s such a great deal!”

And so you pass by the closeouts every time you’re in the store, and every once in a while you see something that you do actually need or use. And even though you’re just saving a few dollars, it feels like you just won something. And so you grab up whatever quantity is available, cuz hey, who knows when you’ll see them again on that shelf right?

That’s how it is for me with Midwest Service Closeouts. They have new inventory all the time, so I’ll check back in once a week or so. It’s one of my go-to window shopping stores when I’m bored. And every now and then, they’ll have a deal on something that I use that I just can’t pass up. They have the usual gimmicky stuff that you’ll find online, but they also have a huge amount of the stuff that you actually buy on a regular basis.

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Last week I just happened to need contact lens solution. While browsing around in their new arrivals, they actually had the same solution that I use: OPTI-FREE EXPRESS. Usually, this brand retails for around $15-17. Their price was $66 for 5 (so about $13/package). Not bad!

They are a liquidation warehouse dealing in mainly wholesale merchandise, so you do need to temper your expectations a slight bit. Remember, you are buying closeout goods, so they might not be in pretty and perfect packaging. The items might sometimes have a small nick or scratch – which is fine, if you have that expectation going in. If you just read the descriptions, you’ll be fine. The flaws are always listed, so just make sure to read the description as well as the item condition under the main title.

A few weeks back, I wanted to freshen up my kitchen tools, as they were getting a bit old and tired. I found a nice Wolfgang Puck kitchen tool set and bought it. It arrived in 4 days, and was in in plain brown packaging. The tools themselves were new, clean, and in brand new condition. My point being – if you’re looking for something in gift-giving condition, or you’re really picky when it comes to packaging, this might not be for you. If its for personal use, their products will work just fine.

Have you shopped in this store before? If so, leave a comment below and share your experience.

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