Ebay Store Review – Karensbarn

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Ebay Store Review - Karensbarn
Ebay Store Review – Karensbarn

Karensbarn on eBay is a store selling home & garden, business & industrial, electronics, sporting goods, computers, cameras, kitchenware, appliances, jewelry, watches, and more. Click on the blue link above to check out what deals and promotions they are currently offering in a variety of products. At the moment, they do have a Save 20% Off of Select Items promotion.

Feedback History

Karensbarn has been selling on eBay since 2010. They have earned about 175,000 positive feedback ratings, with a current 98% positive overall score. So this is a very successful store on eBay. This is also a Top-Rated eBay store, which means they offer a really high level of item descriptions, customer service, as well as fast shipping.

It’s not easy to become a Top-Rated store on eBay. You have to provide good quality items, accurate descriptions, excellent customer service, and fast shipping. And you have to do this day after day, month after month. So Karensbarn has had a very successful and positive selling history on eBay.

Karensbarn mainly sells items like home & garden, business & industrial, electronics, sporting goods, computers, cameras, kitchenware, appliances, jewelry, watches, and more. They carry brands like Milwaukee, DeWalt, Hunter, Philips, Ring, Ego, Ryobi, Lotos, Bosch, Yuneek, Noco, Honeywell, Porter Cable, Ridgid, Elac, GE, Husky, Fiskars, and others.

This is one of those eBay stores to visit when you want the retail experience. If you’ve been to any department store in general, you should be familiar with the brands and items that they carry.

DeWalt DW66C1 Coil Roofing Nailer Air Tool
DeWalt DW66C1 Coil Roofing Nailer Air Tool

Items like Philips IP22 Dream Station 677843, Ring 38D2691916AB Floodlight Cam Motion Activated Security System, Dewalt DCN692 Framing Nailer 679078, DeWalt DW66C1 Coil Roofing Nailer Air Tool, etc.

Karensbarn sells new, overstock, and liquidation merchandise, and does offer a 100% Authentic guarantee, as well as a 100% money back guarantee.

When you sell name brand products, etc., especially at a discount, a popular question is always going to be if the items are authentic, fake, or knock-offs. To answer that question…

Let’s take a close look at their recent feedback history. eBay buyers have a really good way of weeding out the good sellers from the bad. If an item even SLIGHTLY looks like it might be a counterfeit or knock-off, they will leave you bad feedback. And any and all flaws will usually be reflected in a seller’s feedback. With that being said, over the past 12 months, Karensbarn has received about 67,000 positive feedback ratings, compared to just 1014 negative feedback comments. With that sort of lop-sided ratio, it definitely appears as though Karensbarn is an honestly run business, selling authentic merchandise.

Click Here to View eBay Feedback for Karensbarn

Karensbarn is a part of Shorewood Liquidators Inc. If you are interested, you can also check out the Better Business Bureau page for Shorewood Liquidators. Any complaints that they have received will be listed there as well. They have been accredited with the BBB since 2016, and currently do have an A+ rating.

Shorewood Liquidators - BBB Rating
Shorewood Liquidators – BBB Rating

What I like or don’t like

Their storefront is very organized. You have a product menu on the left side with all of the brand categories available, as well as top menu with store categories. So you just find your desired category, and go from there. Once you get into a listing page, you get a left hand menu with all of the brands available. So this store is very easy to navigate.

Another thing I appreciate is their attention to detail in their listings. Each listing has multiple clear and large pictures, so you can clearly see what is included in the listing. Their descriptions go into a lot of detail, and provide all the specifications that you might be looking for like the model they work for, size, color, etc. The quality of their listings is about as good as it gets on eBay. You get all sorts of pictures, sizes, weights, package contents, etc.

14 Day Return Policy
14 Day Return Policy

Their attention to detail, and their excellent feedback really makes you feel secure in shopping from this eBay store. As does their 14-day hassle free returns policy. No need to email back for a return authorization, or deal with with annoying emails back and forth. You just click on return, and send it back. And having two weeks to do so is quite convenient.

Have you shopped at this store before? If you have, leave a comment below and share your experience.

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  1. I’ve done quite a bit of business with Shorewood and overall they are a good company to do business with. Your expectations have to be realistic about the item you’re going to receive as they deal in store returns and overstock so a lot of times, it is used. If this is ok with you then great, buy from them. If you’re looking for a brand new shiny item, move on. And make sure to check the images before bidding as there are various levels of used.

  2. Here’s my message to Karensbarn (crooked eBay seller) from yesterday…I’m not expecting her to resolve anything, because she NEVER resolves ANYTHING. She’s all talk and no action.

    * * * * * * *


    Save the canned speeches. YOU’RE A BAD SELLER AND YOU KNOW IT. You send these identical messages for the frequent complaints against you, every time that you defraud & cheat your customers. It’s in your negative feedback, & also on a website that YOUR angry customers created.

    It’s been 13 days since I received my order. You never responded to ANY of the issues that YOU YOURSELF CAUSED, although eBay notified you REPEATEDLY because you wrongfully blocked my messages. My order arrived in an inexcusably beaten-up condition, and that is completely 100% YOUR FAULT, because YOU didn’t pack ANYTHING properly, just as with every other complaint against you (2,140+ in the 12mos), & you always blame the shipper when it’s YOUR FAULT. I demand that you respond to each of the following:

    1. I messaged you after all of my auctions ended, as your auctions say that I am entitled to ask questions about my order after I’ve won them. You sent me ANOTHER one of your canned messages saying that you didn’t have the time nor inclination to do so. I responded, advising you that if I didn’t receive what was described, because you didn’t feel like taking a look at what the boxes said, I would have to have eBay intervene, WHICH IS MY RIGHT.  I paid you nearly $170, and IMMEDIATELY thereafter, you blocked me from bidding AND you blocked my ability to send you messages. What is your justification for doing this?

    2. Anna with the eBay Resolution Center sent you an email after I had called eBay 3 days after I was supposed to get a tracking number from you. I had to involve eBay, because YOU blocked my ability to message you. She told you unequivocally that out of your list of “justifications” for blocking a buyer, I was NONE of those things. I have a perfect 100% feedback record with eBay over nearly 5 years, I always pay immediately, I have no issues with anyone, and I’m in EXCELLENT standing with eBay. Anna called me a few days later and told me that you said that you had mixed me up with someone else, and that you would correct my ability to bid on your auctions, & would take off the block from my messages. YOU LIED TO HER. You never corrected those things.  Why did you do this?

    3. The 5 light fixtures arrived smashed to shards, except for 2 globes. I found it interesting that ALL of the bubble-wrapped LED light bulbs were smashed, INCLUDING THOSE INSIDE of the 2 unbroken glass globes. So, the box obviously left your warehouse in that shape. You insisted that I return a box of broken glass to you, and despite the fact that eBay advised you that the postal service will not permit shipping a box of broken glass, because it is hazardous material. Why did you ship broken glass and insist that I send it back?

    4. The box for the lot of 22 shower heads contained only 12. Why didn’t you send me the 10 that I didn’t receive? Why were you unwilling to refund my money for the 10 that I didn’t receive? Your feedback is clear that you ARE in the business of sending shorted orders, and you force the buyer to pay for items that you NEVER shipped. How do you justify that?

    5. It is IMPOSSIBLE that the Shop-Vac was a customer return. It was obviously used for years, the inside is thickly coated with many layers of filth & sewage (& smells like it), and the air filter is absolutely destroyed and clogged with sewage. This was taken out of a dumpster.  I spent 3 hours cleaning the sewage out of the Shop-Vac, and had to buy an $8 filter. Why were you unwilling to give me a price adjustment for intentionally misrepresenting this item?

    6. I also ordered 2 lots of three Lasko Fans. One lot was supposed to be brand new, but the oscillating fan had big chunks out of the cage in which the blade rotates. The metal fan in that lot was badly dented. As for the other lot of 3 20″ box fans, there was no packing material AT ALL to keep them from being damaged in shipping. You could not have possibly NOT KNOWN that these would arrive dented and caved in, just as they did arrive. 

    I filed a complaint, and I hope eBay puts you out of business. You deserve it.

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