Ebay Store Review – GiftCardMall

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Ebay Store Review - GiftCardMall
Ebay Store Review – GiftCardMall

GiftCardMall on eBay is an approved seller of eBay physical gift cards and an authorized seller of many 3rd party gift card brands. It is a place to find eBay gift cards, as well as discount gift cards for other stores. Click on the blue link above to check out what special deals and promotions they currently have in stock.

GiftCardMall has been selling on eBay since 2010. They have earned over 150,000 positive feedback ratings during that time, with a current overall 99.1% positive score. So this is a very successful eBay store.

They usually have about 500 items in stock, so this is a fairly small eBay store; however they do sell in very high volume.

What I really like about this store is that they sell discounted gift cards. If you check back into this store frequently, you’ll find new gift card discounts all the time. For example, at the moment, they have a $100 Lowe’s gift card for just $90. It’s practically a gift card sale. And that’s just one example. You’ll find other great deals like $10 and sometimes $20 off of the face value.  It’s like having a coupon code built in when you purchase.

They sell gift cards from a large number of retail stores, restaurants, and businesses. Places such as: Panda Express, Lowe’s, Sephora, Hyatt, AMC, Chilli’s, Jiffy Lube, Cabella’s, Babies R Us, Lane Bryant, P.F. Chang’s, Express, and many more.

These are also physical gift cards. No coupon codes to keep track of, no emails to find. You get a physical card like you would buy in a regular store.

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I have purchased from this store in the past. A few times actually. I have them saved as a favorite seller, so I check in about every week or so to see what discounted cards they currently have. I’ve actually bought two gift cards from this store in the last month and half or so. Each order was shipped fast, and received with no issues.

Their store is fairly easy to use as well. You get a left side navigation menu with different categories that they have available. Just choose the business category, and go from there.

Their listings do offer quite a bit of information such as retailer information, redemption details, terms & conditions, etc. So you know what you are getting, and how to use it. What most people don’t know or realize is that some gift cards come with an expiration date, and a lot of eBay listings don’t disclose this information. I do appreciate when I see a seller disclosing all of that kind of information.

Their feedback, and my previous buying history would make me feel comfortable with buying from this store again in the future. And I certainly love the discounted deals that they offer on gift cards from time to time. This store does not accept returns however, so just keep that in mind if you plan on purchasing here (although you are still covered by the eBay money back guarantee if you should receive an incorrect order).

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