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Four Sharp Corners (4_sharp_corners) on eBay is a store selling baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards, hockey cards, and other sports memorabilia. They are an auction style store, so their inventory changes from week to week. Click on the blue link above to see what they have new in stock this week, and to see what specials and promotions they are currently offering.

Feedback History

Feedback History
Feedback History

Four Sharp Corners (4_sharp_corners) has been selling on eBay since 1999, and currently has accumulated over 580,000 positive feedback ratings, with an overall score of 99.9%. So you can definitely feel secure about your purchase knowing that you are getting both quality and authentic merchandise, as well as great customer service. All collectible type of merchandise is PSA graded, or is accompanied with some sort of COA or LOA.

Looking over their feedback over the past 12 months, they have about 100,000 positives compared to just 45 negatives. And the vast majority of the negatives are about shipping or communication problems. With this type of lopsided ratio in favor of positive, you can really feel secure about your purchase. With everyday common eBay purchases, this kind of security doesn’t really matter. With expensive collectibles like the ones for sale in this store, you really have to do your homework and make sure you are purchasing from a reputable seller. 4_sharp_corners definitely checks out as a reputable seller.

While they do sell collectibles of different types, a large portion of their inventory is comprised of sports memorabilia. From classics like Mickey Mantle cards and balls, to PSA sports cards like a Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer basketball card, and all the way to current items like 2014 Peyton Manning Topps card, they have a huge inventory of items. With about 101,000 items in stock, this is definitely a fun store for window shoppers. And since they do auctions, you can really have some fun here.

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What I like or don’t like

Their store navigation is fairly useful. Their left side eBay category listing is quite extensive. If you click on a main category, you then have multiple sub categories to choose from, like type, brand, etc. Once you get into a listing, the same menu carries over.

One thing that I really appreciate about this store is the quality of their listings. Each listing has a large picture, so you’re not left playing a guessing game. It can get really annoying when you’re looking at a listing and wondering if it’s the right color, size, model, etc. With a lot of sellers, you just get that one small stock photo, so detailed listings like these are good to have.

No Returns Accepted
No Returns Accepted

Their attention to detail in their listings, and their stellar feedback really makes you feel secure in shopping from this eBay store. Four Sharp Corners does not accept returns, so just make sure you want what you are buying. However, if you receive an incorrect or damaged item, you are still covered by eBay’s 60 day money back guarantee.

Have you shopped in this store before? If so, leave a comment below and share your experience.


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