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Campus111 - eBay store review
Campus111 – eBay store review

Campus111 has been selling on eBay since 2003. They are dedicated to delighting eBay buyers with a great value on an ever-changing selection of today’s hottest products. Unlike the usual department store type of eBay store, Campus111’s stated benefit is that they have a new selection of products each week. So if you stop by and check their store each week, you’ll see a new lineup of items, at online discounts. Click on the blue link above to see what new items they have in stock, and to check out the specials and sales that they are currently offering.

Feedback History

Campus111 claims that they make eBay buyers happy and keep them coming back by delivering the #1 Price, #1 Quality, and #1 Service. Their feedback definitely backs that up. They have over 530,000 positive feedback ratings, with a 98.9% overall score. The only way to accumulate that many positive ratings is by offering good quality products, at a good price, with excellent customer service. So Campus111 is definitely doing something right.

One feature of this store is that they are an authorized dealer of the Irulu company. The Irulu brand is quickly becoming a big player in the smartphone and tablet industry, which is definitely a big category on eBay. Irulu isn’t a brand that you can find in most stores just yet, so online is the place most buyers look. So it’s good to have an authorized seller to purchase from.

Another feature that I like is that they have a “Daily Deals” section in their store. If you click on the blue link above, that will take you to their store front page. On the main blue navigation banner, the Daily Deals link will be on far right side. Once there, you’ll find some really great deals on all sorts of electronics and lifestyle products.

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What I like or don’t like

This is definitely a fun store for window shoppers. Aside from the fresh weekly products mentioned above, they also have a very organized store front. A lot of the larger department store type of stores on eBay just have an “other” category which makes it very difficult to look around. With the Campus111 store page, you can easily navigate around through their main page, but also through their listing pages. Their store categories make it simple to find what you are interested in.

One thing that I really appreciate about this store is the quality of their listings. Each listing has a large picture, so you’re not left playing a guessing game. It can get really annoying when you’re looking at a listing and wondering if it’s the right color, size, model, etc. With a lot of sellers, you just get that one small stock photo, so detailed listings like these are good to have.

Their attention to detail in their listings, and their stellar feedback really makes you feel secure in shopping from this eBay store. 60 day return policyAs does their 60-day hassle free returns policy. No need to email back for a return authorization, or deal with with annoying emails back and forth. You just click on return, and send it back. They also offer a 1 year warranty on all products.

Have you shopped in this store before? If so, leave a comment below and share your experience.

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