Ebay Store Review – Apparelsave

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Apparelsave - eBay store review
Apparelsave – eBay store review

Apparelsave on eBay is a store selling shoes, clothing, handbags, sunglasses, accessories, and more. Click the blue link above to check out what deals and promotions they are currently offering in name brand fashion. At the moment, they do have a Save 25% Off of Select Items promotion.

Feedback History

Apparelsave has been selling on eBay since 2003. They have earned about 2,000,000 positive feedback ratings, with a current 98.7% positive overall score. So this is a very successful store on eBay. This is also a Top-Rated eBay store, which means they offer a really high level of item descriptions, customer service, as well as fast shipping.

It’s not easy to become a Top-Rated store on eBay. You have to provide good quality items, accurate descriptions, excellent customer service, and fast shipping. And you have to do this day after day, month after month. So Apparelsave has had a very successful and positive selling history on eBay.

Apparelsave mainly sells items like shoes, clothing, handbags, sunglasses, accessories, and more. They sell brands like Aldo, Tom Ford, Supra, Kate Spade, Betsey Johnson, Vince Camuta, The North Face, Issac Mizrahi, Durango, Vans, Clarks, Dockers, Lugz, Guess, Mizuno, Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors, and others.

Vince Camuto Lillith 2 Blue Peep Toe Heels
Vince Camuto Lillith 2 Blue Peep Toe Heels

This is one of those eBay stores to visit when you want the retail experience. If you’ve been to a Macy’s or Bloomingdales, you should be familiar with the brands and styles that they carry.

Items like Vince Camuto Lillith 2 Blue Peep Toe Heels, Supra Skytop Men Round Toe Leather Black Skate Shoe, Tom Ford Kurt Havana TF347-01V Plastic Dark Brown Women Sunglasses, Betsey Johnson Swag Heart Satchel Women Ivory Satchel, etc.

Apparelsave sells brand new and pre-owned merchandise, and does offer a 100% Authentic guarantee, as well as a 100% money back guarantee.

When you sell name brand fashion brands, etc., especially at a discount, a popular question is always going to be if the items are authentic, fake, or knock-offs. To answer that question…

Let’s take a close look at their recent feedback history. eBay buyers have a really good way of weeding out the good sellers from the bad. If an item even SLIGHTLY looks like it might be a counterfeit or knock-off, they will leave you bad feedback. And any and all flaws will usually be reflected in a seller’s feedback. With that being said, over the past 12 months, Apparelsave has received about 326,000 positive feedback ratings, compared to just 4022 negative feedback comments. With that sort of lop-sided ratio, it definitely appears as though Apparelsave is an honestly run business, selling authentic merchandise.

Click Here to View eBay Feedback for Apparelsave

Apparelsave is the largest seller of shoes and accessories on eBay, as well as one of the largest online shoe stores period. Apparelsave is basically a Macy’s outlet store online, so if you’ve been shoe shopping at Macy’s lately, this will feel really familiar. You might wonder why a store like this is able to sell products at such a huge discount…

apparelsave products
Pallets of liquidated merchandise

The answer is that Apparelsave is a liquidation store. National retailers carry huge amounts of inventory. When the current stock is out of season, severely overstocked, not selling well, customer returned, damaged, etc., they liquidate that merchandise through companies called “jobbers”. Jobbers purchase these out of season/overstock merchandise at a fraction of the retailer’s cost. A discount of 30-50% of the retailer’s original cost is common.

Which explains why a pair of heels that sold at Macy’s for let’s say $200, can be found at Apparelsave for $30.

You’re going to have to make sure though to read descriptions thoroughly and carefully. On the surface a lot of the deals will look perfect. But upon closer inspection, you’ll see things like pre-owned, damage, etc. Which isn’t to say that they are sneaky, or that they sell defective merchandise. On the contrary, Apparelsave is one of the most trusted sellers of shoes on eBay. You just need to read carefully and find out exactly what you are buying. Many of their shoes are brand new, and defect free – but others are not.

For example, lets take a look at these Sperry Top Sider Harlow Women’s wedge heels. This is the main picture:

Sperry Top Sider Harlow Women wedge heels at apparelsave
The average customer just looks for the information that they want to confirm, and leaves it at that. They don’t really go any further. They confirm the make, model, color, size, and consider their job done. So on the surface, these heels look like they’re brand new. If you clicked on “Buy It Now” at this point, you’ll be expecting a brand new pair of shoes (and at quite a bargain – 88% off!).

But if you read further into the description, and look at the complimentary pictures, we see that these heels have cosmetic defects – “scuffs on the upper”.

If you take a look at the complimentary photos, you see this:

Sperry Top Sider Harlow Women wedge heels - cosmetic defects at apparelsave

So what looked like a brand new pair of shoes – valued at $120, are really a cosmetic defect pair of shoes, priced accordingly. If you purchase these heels with knowledge of those scuffs, it’s not really a big deal – especially given the discount. If you weren’t expecting flaws, you would probably have some level of frustration or anger.

This would also probably account for the majority of their negative feedbacks. The customer – having not read the listing in its entirety – expects a brand new pair of shoes, but receives a cosmetically defective pair, and is outraged! All that anger and rage turns into an unjust negative feedback.

If you take a look at their ratings online, the majority of the reviews echo the same sentiment. “I paid for new X, but received X with defects”. Like this review in SiteJabber:

Apparelsave - SiteJabber reviews

Like every other business out there, Apparelsave does make mistakes – no one is perfect. But I do believe that the majority of the cases like the comment above are due to a customer not reading the description in full.

display rack showing shoesOn a side note; just because something is pre-owned doesn’t mean that it was necessarily used. A lot of their pre-owned shoes started life as display models. Display models get used and abused; but since people don’t actually walk a lot in them, their soles are pretty much intact and unused. You will however see condition notes like “torn liner” for example.

If you don’t mind the damage, or if you go through the trouble of getting the damage fixed, you’ll have yourself an awesome (and very expensive) pair of shoes at a fraction of the price.

What I like or don’t like

Their storefront is very organized. You have a product menu on the left side with all of the brand categories available, as well as top menu with store categories. So you just find your desired category, and go from there. Once you get into a listing page, you get a left hand menu with all of the brands available. So this store is very easy to navigate.

Another thing I appreciate is their attention to detail in their listings. Each listing has multiple clear and large pictures, so you can clearly see what is included in the listing. Their descriptions go into a lot of detail, and provide all the specifications that you might be looking for like the model they work for, size, color, etc. The quality of their listings is about as good as it gets on eBay. You get all sorts of pictures, sizes, weights, package contents, etc.

Apparelsave - 60 day return policy
Apparelsave – 60 day return policy

Their attention to detail, and their excellent feedback really makes you feel secure in shopping from this eBay store. As does their 14-day hassle free returns policy. No need to email back for a return authorization, or deal with with annoying emails back and forth. You just click on return, and send it back. And having two weeks to do so is quite convenient.

Have you shopped at this store before? If you have, leave a comment below and share your experience.

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  1. I bought many shoes at this site multiple times and I am always satisfied with their service. Great shoes for a great price. Thanks.

  2. customer service is not excellent in any way shape of form, it is NON EXISTANT it is an auto responding mess. I was over charged, upon initial effort (prior to shipping) I got a generic email response, I followed up with a second and third email same canned generic response from “Ira”. I am left to go through ebay and paypal over something that could have been easily remedied first step.

    I also just recieved 2 more new generic emails from “Debby” again providing no relevant info or recourse. Sure is great for cheap stuff… as long as nothing goes wrong then you are dead in the water.

    In total I am 7+ emails and have yet to get anything but a chain letter providing no actual information or human communication.

  3. Macy’s was infamous for using “bait and switch” sales techniques, advertising a low price for items they didn’t actually stock, knowing that onec a customer takes the “bait” a certain percentage can be “switched” to another item. When various states bait and switch illegal, stores started selling online through subsidiaries such as Apparelsave and Walmart. About a third of the items they offer are not really available. They take your money and send you a fake tracking number. When the item isn’t delivered, you complain to ebay or Walmart and get your money refunded. Since most customers are satisfied to get their money back, they don’t post bad reviews.

  4. Never heard of this site but it’s good to be able to find new sites that sell stuff we usually need and shop for.

  5. Thanks for this post. I’m always looking for deals!!

    I just wanted to see a review first because some of their feedback on ebay is not so good. I know you can’t make everyone happy, and no one is perfect, but I just like to know what people think about an ebay seller before I purchase from them.

  6. This sounds like a fabulous site. I’ll be checking it out for sure. I always love to support ETSY and EBAY stores when I can. You can usually find some fantastic deals and I’ve usually been pleased.

  7. Ebay for me has always been a bit of a hit and miss platform for me when buying different items. Apparelsave sounds like an impressive store and I agree we customers really need to ensure we read the product description so we are not surprised when we get the products

  8. mmm i have never tried and im not sure i will… im always quality over quantity! good to know your feedback!

  9. Online shopping is very convenient especially for busy people and I guess having a good review for one online shop will help someone to have trust on the company and will assure them of the services they offer.

  10. I love online shopping! And Apparelsave looks really great online platform to use and love they have 60 day return policy! Fascinating!

  11. Apparelsave on eBay looks like a great place to get new shoes. I need to buy a few pairs for the new year. I will have to check out Apparelsave on eBay.

  12. It’s been so long since I looked on eBay. I used to buy things there all the time. I need to check it out again. The Apparelsave store looks like a great place to get fashion at a good price!

  13. This is great! I am always looking for savings when shopping online, so I will be sure to check this out.

  14. I hadn’t heard of Apparelsave but it sounds like a great place for online shopping. Good feedback ratings always make me feel better about trying something new online too.

  15. I’m glad you did an honest review so that I have something to work with. I like the shoes that apparelsave sells, but you never know with eBay sellers. Some are good, some aren’t so good. Apparelsave’s feedback looks good enough to give them a try, I just wanted to confirm.

    Do you know where they get their inventory from?

  16. I’ve never shopped with this store, but they look like a great option to save some money! It drives me crazy when customers leave negative reviews because they never bothered to read the full description.

  17. Agreed. If you expect the scuffs and continue to pay, okay. If you do not know they are there… it’s going to be a big deal.

  18. Congrats on the establishment of your retail online store, Apparelsave on Ebay. There seems to be a nice range of items in your store. At one point I was thinking of having a physical wig store, but after reading your post I am thinking that perhaps I can establish the store online instead.

  19. This is what i like about ebay. Getting a lot of discounted items especially this yuletide season. You can never have enough shoes, and Apparelsave makes that easy for me.

    Sometimes I’m afraid to buy them here because of the damage shown in the pictures. Do you know the apparelsave return policy? Can I return them if they have more damage than what the pictures show?

  20. Looks like they have some good products there. And yes, it’s not good when someone purchases something before reading the full description. I will have to check this out for shoes for my daughter.

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