Baklavva Review –

Baklavva Review –

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Baklavva Inc, is a monthly baklava delivery service. Baklavva will ship to you (or the address of your choice) a very affordable baklava mix once a month. If you love baklava, or you’re looking for a gift idea, this is a very interesting site to check out.


If you’re not familiar with what baklava is, or if you’ve always been curious about the ingredients, baklava is a Mediterranean sweet baklavvapastry made of layers of filo dough, filled with chopped nuts – usually walnuts and pistachios (although other variants exist), and sweetened/ held together with syrup or honey. This is the kind of rich pastry where you can’t just have one. Two or three are usually quite satisfying. And because of the ingredients, they’re much healthier than cookies and doughnuts.

Here’s how it works: You choose one of three plans available, and they ship the box to you every month. Pretty simple! This is a recurring monthly subscription, but you can cancel at anytime, so you’re not committed to anything long term.


Plans available

1lb Box Plan – you will receive around 14-16 pcs of Baklava sweets.

2lb Box Plan – you will receive around 28-32 pcs of Baklava sweets.

3lb Box Plan – you will receive around 32-48 pcs of Baklava sweets.

Each baklavva mix does vary from one box to another. Each box will include a variety mix of baklavas that may include Burma, Ballourie Mini Roses, Bassma, Baklavva, Bird Nest, Fingers and Ghourib.

Terms and Details

Each box of baklava is shipped out approximately around the 25th of the month, and the shipping fee is just $4.99 for all plans. You do also get an email confirmation when your order is shipped.

My Thoughts

Living in Los Angeles, I’ve had my share of baklava. There is at least one Middle Eastern or Mediterranean bakery or pastry shop in pretty much every Southern California city. So you’re never too far away from one. Having tried many different types, I knew what to expect.

My first concern was about the freshness of the product being received, as these are shipped. And in a best case scenario, it would take at least a business day for my baklavva box to arrive. I was actually pleasantly surprised – the pastry was very fresh. I have to say, they package their orders very well.

baklavvaThe mix was even. I didn’t get too many or too few of each variety. I ordered the 2 lb box, and I received 31 pieces. I have a large family, so the box vanished within three days.

They baklavas tasted very good. They compared very well to the bakeries and pastry shops that I have visited previously. The baklava fingers were actually my favorite. Not too sweet, not too dry. Very nutty, with the crisp of the thin dough on the outside. Very satisfying!

If you’re too lazy to go shopping yourself, or if you’re intimidated by walking into a foreign bakery and don’t know what to choose, or if you just live in an area with no bakeries or pasty shops around, this service will definitely work for you.

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