Amazon Store Review – SSE Photo & Video

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SSE Photo & Video review

Amazon Store Review – SSE Photo & Video

SSE Photo & Video on Amazon is a store selling cameras, audio and video equipment, camera parts and accessories, lenses, electronics, and more. Click the blue link above to check out what deals and promotions they are currently offering in electronics. At the moment, they do have a Save 25% Off of Select Items promotion.

Feedback History

SSE Photo & Video has earned about 30,000 positive feedback ratings, with a current 98% positive overall score. SSE Photo & Video is also rated as a #1 Best Seller in many of the categories that they sell on Amazon. This basically means that they offer both a competitive price, as well as a history of customer satisfaction in those categories.

SSE Photo & Video mainly sells items like cameras, audio and video equipment, camera parts and accessories, lenses, electronics, and more. They sell brands like Casio, DJI, Fuji, Fujifilm, Leica, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung, Samyang, Sony, SSE, and others.

This is one of those Amazon stores to visit when you want the retail experience. If you’ve been to a Best Buy store lately, or even any electronics store in general, you should be familiar with the brands and styles that they carry.

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera

Items like Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens, Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS50K 30X Travel Zoom with Eye Viewfinder, Sony 4K HD Video Recording FDRAX33 Handycam Camcorder, Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera, etc.

SSE Photo & Video sells brand new, and pre-owned merchandise, and does offer a 100% Authentic guarantee, as well as a 100% money back guarantee.

When you sell name brand electronics, etc., especially at a discount, a popular question is always going to be if the items are authentic, fake, or knock-offs. To answer that question…

Let’s take a closer look at their recent feedback history. Amazon buyers have a really good way of weeding out the good sellers from the bad. If an item even SLIGHTLY looks like it might be a counterfeit or knock-off, they will leave you bad feedback. And any and all flaws will usually be reflected in a seller’s feedback. With that being said, over the past 12 months, SSE Photo & Video has received about 3,600 positive feedback ratings, compared to just 2% negative feedback comments. With that sort of lop-sided ratio, it definitely appears as though SSE Photo & Video is an honestly run business, selling authentic merchandise.

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All items are guaranteed to be 100% authentic, and come with all the manufacturer paper work, in their original authentic boxes as provided by the manufacturers.

Authorized Dealer

Authorized Dealer

SSE Photo & Video is an authorized dealer for some of the brands that they carry. This means that the product you are purchasing is not only authentic, but you are also entitled to the full manufacturer’s warranty. If you are ever unsure if the seller in question is an authorized dealer or not, just check the manufacturer’s website. For example, SSE Photo & Video is authorized with DJI. So you would go to the DJI Authorized dealers page, and look for their name (Power Photo Corp).


Company Information

SSE Photo & Video is a store owned by Power Photo Corp., located in Hillside, New Jersey. Power Photo Corp also owns, which is a retail electronics website. SSE Photo Video does not have it’s own website, but you will find the same camera bundles, lenses, etc. on the fumfie website.

For that website, they have also accumulated quite a large amount of online feedback.

sse photo video amazon review

According to the graph above, they have earned about 5,000 ratings from ShopperApproved, with the majority of those being 5 star ratings – and a 4.6 overall satisfaction rating (maximum is 5).

What Makes Them Different

Every store on Amazon (or online for that matter) has something that sets them apart from other stores in the same product market. For example, SSE Photo Video sells photography products. If you check online for cameras, you will find that most camera stores charge basically the same price for the same camera.

What makes SSE Photo Video different is in their bundle offerings. They sell quite a number of drone bundles, or camera bundles etc.

These bundles will contain the main product being sold, like a camera for example. The bundle will also include various accessories that you also need, like a lens, batteries, case, tripod, cables, lights, etc.

If you were the purchase all of the items individually, you would end up spending a few hundred more than the cost of the bundle. If you are new to photography, or if you need to freshen up your gear, these bundles make a lot of sense.

Let’s take a look at an example:

dji spark starter bundle

This is a DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone Quadcopter Starter Bundle. It includes:

  • 3 x 4730S Quick Release Folding Propellers for Spark Drone
  • Intelligent Flight Battery for Spark Quadcopter
  • Charger
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Storage Box
  • DJI Remote Controller for Spark Quadcopter
  • SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I Card with Adapter
  • Quick Release Folding Propellers for DJI Spark (Set of 4)
  • 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset
  • Lens Cap for DJI Spark
  • Foldable Extender Tablet Stand Holder
  • Copper Parabolic Antenna Range Booster
  • Landing Pad
  • Remote Controller Sunshade Hood
  • Sling Backpack
  • 5PC Cleaning Kit

Depending on where you purchase the individual pieces, you’ll end up spending somewhere between $650-800. So it’s easy to see why this sort of bundle from SSE Photo makes sense – you end up saving a few hundred dollars when you buy the bundle versus buying each piece individually.

This is what I think makes SSE Photo & Video unique. They are a great store for either a beginner, who doesn’t yet have all the camera accessories needed, or someone who needs new photo gear altogether.

Final Thoughts

Their feedback makes them a good camera store overall; but definitely check out their bundles and starter kits to save some money!

Have you shopped at this store before? If you have, leave a comment below and share your experience.

6 thoughts on “Amazon Store Review – SSE Photo & Video

  1. Frank Cowan

    Just got an email from DJI noting that warranties will only be valid for products purchased from an authorized dealer from this date on. I can’t find SSE in DJI’s list of authorized dealers. Any ideas, besides calling either one?

  2. Richard Miller

    bought a brand new Mavic pro from Amazon just a couple weeks through SSE and I have been flying for 1 year instructing people, DJI requested a firmware update and soon as it was installed the Mavic started to act erratic, not coming down etc so I went in and called DJI and told them it was working fine until you requested a firmware 1000 update which I did or it could void my warrant. I told them what was wrong and wanted it set back to the way it was from the factory and they would not do it and talked to 4 for 5 different people that were hard to understand and then plugged into my computer to take out the new firmware and didn’t get it done as he said call back and I wouldn’t as I would have to go through this again. Finally another subject gave me another project to try and then finally said Quote, Go out and fly it, I will be just fine, which I Hope is on recording as none of them really knew what to do. Getting to the point I started it up used a landing pad and it took off and was handling a little different with controls and had it return home, when it returned home up around 300ft it decided to drop from the ski at a high rate of speed. Nothing I could do to stop it and he landed full force onto the blacktop destroying my drone I just purchased. Its not SSE fault but Amazon was made aware of it as DJI was not willing to help and was trying to find another reason like it was my fault. I hope my video was on. Not sure, I’m a retired Michigan Police Officer that just retired with artificial knees and shoulder and been saving for this and within 3 minutes after following DJI instructions I lost control and it fell from the ski. I told Amazon I was willing to take a Lie Detector test through a police Department that I was telling the complete truth on my mothers grave. Amazon was great and are having people working on it right now and will be working with SSE and assured me I would be taken care of. I was sick, up all night, and I pray DDJ has a their phone recorded as I was on the phone for several hours and they were lacking I feel the knowledge and the firmware was brand new and then told me that they were going to come out with another firmware to correct this new one that was just installed, Unbelievable and sad. If it was not for Amazon and keeping in touch with me, saved me from going into cardiac arrest. I been flying a X-star premium for over a year and never had a problem because it flew right, I get this Mavic Pro and it was fine until the new 1000 firmware was updated and then they tried to take it out and only got half way through. I been with amazon for several years and never had to go through this but they promised it would be taken care of. I shipped the drone and all the extra parts and accessories I paid along with a hard shell box back to SSE as I was heart broken. so not only did my drone get destroyed I also gave SSE all my accessories. I thought I was dealing with DJI DIRECT but Amazon told me it was not DJI that it was SSE and said to get some sleep as they have three people working to resolve to get my money back. Sorry about the long story but I’m tired of DJI also giving a run around but since its through SSE, Amazon is going to work with them to get it resolved. SSE is scheduled to get the drone Thursday and will be working with Amazon, I just pray that being a public servant for 39 years that the right thing will be done. amazon so far is my life saver but I don’t know much about SSE, but I’m not going to rush to judgement and that’s my book, thank, Retired Police Captain, State of Michigan, County of Clare. So right now I’m letting Amazon handle everything as that is their wishes, so I hope God was there when this happen to me. thanks for listening SSE as no way do I want this to reflect badly on /SSE as it was not their fault

    1. P.Ray

      Did everything turn out ok through ssephoto? Looking at a camera lens and can’t find anything but drone reviews which have all been terrible! We are part of the “Blue Line” Family also. I Trust your feedback Brother. Thanks!:)


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