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-importCDs - Amazon store review
-importCDs – Amazon store review

-importCDs on Amazon is one of the largest sellers of SA-CD/CD, vinyl, and import music on Amazon. With almost 165,000 positive feedback ratings, and a 4.9 score, they definitely demonstrate that there is a market out there for CD buying. They are one of the best cheap cd stores on Amazon as they have almost 400,000 items in stock. Click on the blue link above to check out their inventory, and the specials and sales they are currently offering.

-importCDs is also rated as a #1 Best Seller in some of the categories that they sell. This means that they offer competitive prices, as well as a history of high customer satisfaction in those categories.Feedback Whenever you see a seller with the #1 logo, you have most likely found a good seller.

Everyone thinks that people don’t buy CD’s anymore, but that is actually not true. While it’s not the market that it once was in the 90’s, CD’s still sound better than digital music, and the generation that grew up with CD’s, is still somewhat loyal to them. People in the 40 and older age demographic are the largest number of CD buyers as you would expect.

In spite of that, there are still niches and demands that CD’s still fulfill. For example, there are a lot of lesser known older artists or groups that have still not made it to the digital arena. If you are looking for The Tams, or Elvis Presley gospel tracks, your best bet is probably to find the CD.

Or if you like an entire album, buying the Muse – Resistance cd for $6.38 is cheaper than buying each track separately. Or the Alicia Keys – Girl on Fire album for $8.63.

And if you are looking to get import cds; while a lot of that stuff is available digitally, a majority of it is not – at least in American mediums. For example, -importCDs has almost 8,000 Japanese import CD’s available for purchase. I’m not a buyer of Japanese music, but I would bet that only a fraction of that music library is available for download. So CD’s still do serve a purpose, and they certainly still sell.

CD’s are just one item they carry. They also sell the SA-CD format, which is getting increasingly harder to find. as well as almost 30,000 vinyl records. CD’s have somewhat outlived their purpose, but collectors still love the vinyl records. Just wait till they make a vinyl dvd version of movies…

I don’t really buy music personally, as YouTube and Pandora take care of most of my music needs, but I have bought from get_importCDs for gift buying purposes. People who love music love CD’s and records, and so finding a good box set for example, makes a great gift. My purchases have always been shipped fast, and as described. If you are looking for a CD or record, or if you’re looking to get one as a gift, -importCDs is a good place to start.

Have you shopped at this store before? If so, leave a comment, and share your experience.

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  1. This place must be run by morons. I ordered Longmire Complete 4th Season Blu Ray dvd set for my husband for Christmas. I was charged. What I received is a Gregory Peck dvd “The Purple Plain.” WTF???? Not even close! I immediately filed a request on Amazon for them to overnight me the CORRECT item that I ordered and paid for. Nothing….. no response. The automatic return authorization label and instructions said that I had to pay postage to return the wrong dvd they sent. Seriously? They f**k up and they want me to pay return postage? No way. I finally called Amazon Customer Service and filed a complaint. They sent an email to the company and got no response. So at this point in time I have no gift for my husband and Amazon is escalating the complaint. Don’t do business with this outfit. You will regret it.

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