Amazon Store Review – GolfEtail

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GolfEtail - Amazon Store Review
GolfEtail – Amazon Store Review

GolfEtail is a family-owned and operated full service golf pro shop ready to take care of all of your golfing needs, while giving you great deals on your golf gear, but more importantly, the best service available. Click on the blue link above to check out the discount golf gear and promotions currently available.

Feedback History

GolfEtail has been selling online since 2001, and has earned over 3,800 positive feedback ratings on Amazon, with a 4.9 overall score.

GolfEtail is also rated as a #1 Best Seller in some of the categories that they sell. This means that they offer competitive prices, as well as a history of high customer satisfaction in those categories.Feedback Whenever you see a seller with the #1 logo, you have most likely found a good seller.

I don’t actually play much golf myself. I’ve played my share of courses and rounds. And I’ve bought and sold a few putters and clubs, but I’ll be honest, it’s not my favorite hobby. With my brother in law, it’s a different story. Golf is practically his life outside of his wife and his job. Titleist golf balls are like currency to him. So we have a little bit of an agreement. For birthdays and Christmas (and other special occasions that call for a gift), we skip the useless crap. I get him golf equipment, and he gets my kitchen tools and/or my favorite Cabernet at the moment.

And so, I end up making a handful of golfing equipment purchases per year. Most of those purchases end up coming from GolfEtail. They have over 2,000 items, in clothing, golf clubs, apparel, golf shoes, golf equipment, balls, bags, and more. So chances are, if you’re looking for it, they have it. In my experience, their prices have either been low (or the lowest), or at worst, they are fair. I prefer to go with GolfEtail regardless of price because of the experience they provide.

For example, my last purchase in early August was for a TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid Club. These usually retail somewhere in the $100’s, and full retail price is actually in the $200’s. The price at GolfEtail was $85. So far so good! They are located around San Diego, and I’m located in Los Angeles. I had ordered and paid on a Tuesday morning, and I actually received my club Wednesday afternoon. For online shipping, you can’t really ask for much more than that.

The club came well packed. It was both brand new, and with all original packaging. Buying on eBay, you sometimes are prepared (or scared) to receive 2nd quality merchandise. With GolfEtail, I have never had this issue.

One think you’ll notice about their listings is that they actually answer customer questions. You’d be surprised at how many sellers don’t answer questions. If you scroll down on a listing page, you’ll see several Q & A’s listed usually. Chances are, other’s have the same questions that you do, and oftentimes, the Q&A will answer your question for you.

Have you shopped at this store before? If so, leave a comment, and share your experience.

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