Amazon Store Review – E-Tech Galaxy

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E-Tech Galaxy - Amazon store review
E-Tech Galaxy – Amazon store review

E-Tech Galaxy is an Amazon store specializing in tech products like laptops (ranging from economy to high end), accessories, gaming consoles, dvd’s, and more. Click the blue link above to see what deals or promotions they currently have. They are a Forth Worth business located in Texas. I only mention that because Forth Worth shopping is just great. If you are a fan of shopping malls, the Hulen Mall is something to see!

Anyways, I’m not really into gaming consoles, or dvd’s and blue rays; but I do find myself buying laptops on eBay quite often. I am the family “computer expert” – which basically means that I know what computer terms mean. So…when people want to buy a laptop, they ask me to look around for them.

E-Tech Galaxy is a store I have been using for the past year. I really like the laptop computer section of their store. You’ll find a nice selection of economy (laptops for cheap), mid-range, and high end machines. Usually people will give me a budget. Let’s say $500. So I’ll go into google and type in something like – best laptops under 500. After I look at some reviews, and find which models would work for me, then I go and search for something similar in the E-Tech store.

Recently my dad wanted to replace his old laptop. He’s retired, and mostly uses his laptop for his investment hobbies, so he doesn’t need anything high end. He game me a rough $300 budget, so you guessed it, I did a search for – laptops under 300.

Several reviews mentioned the Dell i3542-3267BK model. The specs looked good, and were something that would work pretty well for my dad’s needs. He’s not much of a gamer, so a simple machine will do the trick.

I did a search for that model in the E-Tech Galaxy store, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they actually carry it. I did a bit of comparison shopping to see if their price was reasonable. For this model, their price was $350. Looking around in google shopping, and at Dell’s website, I came to find out that this model sells mostly in the $400 range, while the refurb models go for $350. Nice deal so far…

My dad is close to 70, and like will all old people, he was concerned about the warranty – Old people love those extended warranties for some reason. I sent the seller a question asking what the warranty was, and within 2 hours, they responded telling me that the warranty was for 1 year. My dad loved that. Sold!

So he received the laptop 4 days after the purchase, and we called Dell to verify the warranty information provided by the seller. And it turned out to be exactly that – a full year of warranty.

I tend to like stores that either offer a seamless buying experience, or take care of issues seamlessly. The last thing you want when you’re buying online is trading emails back and forth with a seller trying to get them to solve a problem, or find out some simple information. E-Tech Galaxy has provided me with that seamless transaction experience each time so far.

Have you shopped at this store before? If so, leave a comment, and share your experience.

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