Amazon Store Review – Combat Accessories

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Amazon Store Review - Combat Accessories
Amazon Store Review – Combat Accessories

Combat Accessories on Amazon is a store selling wireless accessories, networking and computer accessories, video game accessories, electronics, home and garden, tools, and more. Click on the blue link above to find out what specials and sales they are currently offering.

Feedback History

Combat Accessories has been selling online since 2013, and has earned a 4.9 overall score. You definitely can’t survive on Amazon and earn a 4,9 score unless you’re either delivering a great price, excellent service, or a big selection. And a combination of either of those three definitely helps. So Combat Accessories is obviously a very successful eBay store.

Combat Accessories has prices that are routinely among the lowest on eBay, and they definitely have a nice selection – over 1,000 items in stock. Combat Accessories sells all kinds of accessories, but the majority of their inventory is in wireless and smartphone accessories, and computer and networking accessories. They carry cases, adapters, chargers, covers, skins, protectors, cables, etc. Wireless accessories are a very competitive category on Amazon. There are millions of cases for sale anytime you take a look. So if a store can earn a 4.9 score, they’re one of the few trusted stores in this category.

What I like or don’t like

Their storefront would benefit from a more polished and organized store front. Their main store front page does not have a categorized menu like the better Amazon stores have. They do have a left side Brand category menu, but even with that, you have to make a few clicks before you get to the products that you want to see. For example, they don’t have smartphone accessories organized by brand and model.

Another thing I would like to see is a bit more attention to their listings. They do have a large clear image, but I would prefer to see a few more pictures, and a bit more detail in the item description. With listings like these, you often have to either ask the seller a question, or go find it from another seller with a better listing. So they would definitely benefit from a better quality listing.

Their stellar feedback however does really makes you feel secure in shopping from this Amazon store. 30 Day return policyAs does their 30-day hassle free returns policy. No need to email back for a return authorization, or deal with with annoying emails back and forth. You just click on return, and send it back. And having a month to do so is quite convenient.

Click here for this week’s specials at Combat Accessories

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